May 30, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Have you heard about this folks? Are you the person who keyed-in your right hand--the 5 fingers move while keying-in numerical problems? Math guru out there, did you do this?

Not particular with the math guru, it is specifically designed for the peeps who likes to type number on their personal computers without looking into the keyboard keys. They can be a secretary, accounting clerk, cashier, student, or even professors, and the like. If you're one of these peeps, how many problems have you solve within 30 minutes? With that 5 to 10 numbers in one problem of multiplication and division, memory-in and out and summed it up after the 5 problems. How about with the dot and percentages and punctuations?

Eerrr.. this is what am taking-in now for the Office Technology job. Some kind of difficult but challenging one. Yes, I love challenge and it's part of my line. Not particularly with the Management task but with the numbers task and I wanna know all the details about it. As far as I can, I wanna do it. It's hard but that's what life and work is at first. I believe of the great folks hiding in the name--Anonymous saying that you will "never reap if you haven't sow", heheheh.. The lesson learn? Just be patient studying and you will get what you wanted to learn! It's hard but I want to learn about it so I have to!



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  1. Nedekcir said...
    I used to work for a financial institutions and I did it. Most of our clients/members always ask how can we use the 10-key calculator without even looking at it and fast too.

    When you use it everyday, it's just like breathing.

    Good luck to you.

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