June 09, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

I ended up blank today. I mean, after blog hopping-- it is my plan to do some posting for I have lots to do regarding in here(my blog) and at the house chores. I will have to do some cleaning too in my pc memory and some stuffs that don't needed anymore. I will have to post my FC also and some comment love and the arranging and cleaning at the house too-- I need to do the vacuum on the carpet, clean the bathroom, washing clothes, change the bed sheets, and all the stuffs here and there! Ohhh, anyone wants to help me? Anyway, I got my Office Tech. Certificate I yesterday in compilation for Filing, Telephone Techniques, Keyboardin g , and 10-Key Calculator . And that means that it's an advance spring semester closi ng for me too. Yepey! heheh.. (~_~).. I will just continue my Microsoft Word and Excel update next semester (I guess) or maybe I will have to enroll about web designing or not to go class anymore for the Fall Semester. Lots on my mind-- it's just depends on the time and schedule if it's appropriate. And one thing I plan to get my master's degree next year and etcetera and so on. Hemmm.. time management really is the answer! The good recent good news? Well, I just got an A grade of my Office Tech course.. Wheew! be happy for me folks.. (~_~)

Have a pleasant day all!


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