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December 05, 2012

You guys have experience to have itchy face? I read that having an itchy face has different reasons:

1.) It is caused by seasonal allergies.
2.) Dry skin
3.) Eczema
4.) Food and Medication Allergies
5.) Or, you didn't wash your face

To make sure, consult your doctor if possible. Or wash your face most often with mild soap then put moisturizer that fits on your skin. Some use Palmers product or Cetaphil which I heard help them. A friend of mine is using this now and she finds it very helpful, so I this might also work with you (or maybe not) if you are looking for some products for skin repairs, then you have now an idea to which you have to consult yourself/judgement first to try it or not. You can even read reviews online on how those  product (if you think putting-up something would do wonder) work as I said, it can help you decide. Or if you have allergies, avoid food that you are not allowed to eat. Or avoid stuffs that makes you itchy. This is not an easy situation, yes, itchiness is annoying indeed! So check, live freely and be happy!

February 17, 2010

Ooh yeah it is more than very safe to review the product before buying of how helpful it is, the pros and cons, price, quality, effect, and stuffs like that. If possible, reviewing the product you like over and over again in order to get rid of hesitation and anticipation. It is expensive or not, it has be reviewed. Consumer should have to know what she is about to buy or else will regret in the end. Decision plays a great role in handling situation like this. Speaking of reviewing stuffs, weight loss pills is not an exemption and hydroxycut is present! You may like to view on hydroxycut information on how consumers of this product react and have fun! Do not just put on your money without having any research. Have a great week, comprehend, and doing stuff like that. Enjoy searching.. :-)

December 14, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

broiled catfish, corn, and rice w/ gravy

Broiled viand is what DH typical food for dinner. Either broiled chicken, fish, beef, or pork. In the image is a broiled catfish, corn, and rice with gravy. He seldom eat rice without gravy. If incidentally no gravy stashed anymore, he just use soy sauce. Gravy is one of the stuff when it comes with rice. Mostly his viand is in the form of broiled cooking. Why? It is because oil isn't good for him. Though we use olive oil which is good for the body other than any type of cooking oil, yet it is still a no-no. Only seldom we use oil and I like the idea of broiling. I got his broiling cooking that I usually cook my dried fish through broiling. With that, it doesn't against my stomach and it's also good for the health. By the way, he also don't eat fish with bones. When I want a frozen fish, I just get the bones because I have mercy on him (lol) but that is only seldom because we are in one house yet he can't eat what I can eat. Though I do it mostly. lol. -- just kidding..

Okay, broiling is a good way of folks who is on health-conscious because you don't need oil to cook foods. Try it and it's great. Have a happy meal!

July 30, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

When talking about colon cleansing , I remember my Aunt Guelia(deceased now--pray for her) who was diagnosed in colon cancer. She's a sister of my father and lots said that we're of the same face figure and etc. Anyway, I don't know what's the cause about it but am quiet positive that colon cleansing is good of it before having the cancer. Lots of money saved of her family and their savings in order for her to be saved but unfortunately to no avail. I was sad of that time watching her hairs fell down and she was even bald. I remember how many times she was in chemotherapy but sad to say she wasn't saved because it's acute already. I just hope she's happy in heaven now watching her family here on earth. So, take good care of your health folks! Health is wealth!

July 25, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Insurances need not be understood badly(as what I thought before), in fact it's very important especially here in America because health is wealth that's why we need health insurance to protect it. Well, insurance are classified into different areas aside from health and they are namely: Life, Personal, Family, Self-employed, Individual and Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans. Mostly peeps are looking cheap health insurance , and as for me it's good. You might like to compare prices that is suitable to your packets. Just be sure that you will be taken care when you need it one day. So then, happy looking and browsing!

July 22, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Are you one of the dieters who want to have it? Appetite suppressant pills, is not bad to consider when you're into pills to lower down your weight problem. Just remember to take a look of your health problems or you may like to introduce your choice to your physician so you'll be advised if it suits to your problem. You have also to consider the price and the quality of it by yourself so you have knowledge. It's not an issue of which is cheaper and expensive ones but the quality is very important. And hey be sure to be savvy and 100% sure when it comes to health problems decision because as I always said, I am a believer of "Health is Wealth". How do you like to have lots of health problems because of the obesity problem you're facing of? Be sure to be knowledgeable, okey? Perhaps pills might an answer of it. So go on--start comparing and reading thoroughly to be familiar of it if you like to have one for yourself. Think several times into deciding, okey? Think about your health! Have a nice day!

July 18, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.
click the image below to enlarge
The image above shows the health tips that I scanned just recently from the photocopy that my husband handed to me yesterday from his work. His co-worker gave it to him too and I find it very helpful which hubby said it is indeed very helpful. Actually I just used the tip for upset stomach and diarrhea just an two hours ago. I use the upset stomach first and later before I ate dinner (because my stomach still no good), I slice/crate the apple and let it turn into brown that made it up to after my dinner. And now it's gone already--it really helps and also some of the tips I was used to it with the advise and help of my grandparents and so far, I recommend it. That's why I also share this to you folks that you might like this and apply also. I just only hope all for the best. So you might like to check it out and apply it to yourself so you will be aware what to do next without someone near to help you out. Furthermore, so you will never be sick again! Hey, don't ever forget to consult your doctor for further or any health problems, okey?

By the way, just click the image to enlarge so you can read it fully. Again, I just only hope all for the best!


Katiebug of Thinking Beyond

July 09, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Looking for a dietary supplement? If you're one of these peeps who's trying a luck venturing into pills or of the two(exercise and pills), perhaps you might like to check solo slim--thinking of what you want for. Remember that having overweight brings much of diseases like diabetes, skin problem, etc. That's why lots of peeps trying to get-away of this so called "obesity". Well, it's up to you folks but am just trying to help you out to compare prices and quality.. you know.. And that is if you're looking one. Am not saying that you really need to buy but if ever you're thinking of buying, then you might check it out. Remember, health is wealth. So don't do anything that will ruin it. Think several times before jumping into conclusion and even into buying. Mostly it has to be nutritional as well as it needs doctor's prescription and they just introduce the diet pills they like and it's up to the doctor if it's good for your health. Be savvy! Be frugal but into quality. So then, happy dieting folks! Stay healthy always. Again, health is wealth!

July 06, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

If you are currently looking for another diet pills that you think will fit to your need, you might try to check the websites of best diet pills . Remember, you will have to read every detail (from head to toe of the page) on it so you will have the knowledge on how to get and especially if it really suit on what your body needs. You might want to see if it needs prescription note before you take, so that's a good point! Obesity is rampant here in United States that most people who have this want to try prescription appetite suppressant to get rid of diseases like diabetes, and etc. cause by overweight problem or obesity. Most people who has this problem will consult their doctor if appetite suppressant is good for them. So, don't hesitate to ask your doctor if you feel that's the right for your overweight needs, okey? because it might be.. so enjoy browsing, reading, and of course dieting!

April 29, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Having six to eight (6 to 8) hours of sleep is very essential everyday for us human kind. It's always been on my mind ever since I was in elementary - happy and proud to get that knowledge from school. To clarify that number, at least 6 hours or maximum of 8 hours per day of continued sleep is what our body needs. And because am so curious about it and some kind of a little stubborn sometimes, I let myself experiment what is the consequences in response to what the theory is. I just like sometimes to break the rule given. lol. - bad me. And I found out that truly experts or scienti sts and doctors words are correct and of course my grand mom (lol). Yeah, am just having some corny jokes in here but true sometimes words needs our own experiences as similar to the saying "to see(or feel) is to believe". Getting too much or more than 8 hours of sleeping is just similar to less than 6 hours. You can feel the tiredness or weak, body aches, cold, stress, and you feel the heat strikes on your body. It also decreases your eating appetite as to my experience. And also you don't like to work and turn you to be lazy. Or in other hand, likes to eat a lot but don't like to exercise or work that one way will lead to... fat and obese! You just like being in bed because you're lazy already and that's not all peepz but mostly. And mind you, it's not only that, it will also makes you sick if you will make that a habbit. Again, this is according to my experience which I think everybody has experience unless if you're drinking energy drink and some medicine but I tell you, it's still good to have that 6 to 8 hours everyday to maintain good health. Again, getting good sleep and active is very important for our body and doing what we want to do. Life is good, wonderful, and precious to waste, so don't have too much or less sleep everyday, okey? Have a pleasant day! smile.. (~_ ~)

April 23, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

I remember that my grandparents has a small garden of coffee-bearing trees at the province where I live before. And every morning they will grind that coffee seed from dried ones and heated-up water in a kettle and zipping after boiling it mixed with brown sugar and that grinded coffee seed that turns into some coffee ashes. And it tastes good, we call it as natural coffee. Hence, I guess children are allowed to zip from it or drink it. As I grew older, my grandparents don't have that coffee plants anymore and am longing of it until now. To that, we then bought a coffee in a glass, or in a small plastic that tastes not like from the natural fresh coffee as what I called it. And holah! we're not allowed to drink from it because as what to the respected older said it's not good for the health, are you with that idea folks? For me, yes I agree. Even Mormon Church imposes the rule of their church people or member not to drink coffee because as they said it's bad for the health either old or young ones are not advisable to. That's according to such church. I know this because I have a close family circle of such church. Am not banning the coffee companies huh? In fact, I drink coffee most of the time now because I believe it's good for my health and schedule. Truly, as far as to my experience, it won't let you down. I mean it gives you energy especially when you're drowsy. But of course, you need to let your doctor check if coffee is good for your health huh? For me, am on the good age to zip of it, very young age like 22 below is no good, and that is according to me as I said to my experience. I can see and read that mature individuals drinks coffee a lot, and am one of them. So, am in! Are you? Are you fond of zipping a cup of cappuccino? how about frappuccino? I must admit that I don't like tasting coffee even just a very little amount but now, it seems my taste wants and needs it. And it helps me a lot. How about you folks, are you in with coffee or out?

April 17, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Having a weight of 109 lbs with a height of 5'1 is not bad to look at. It is just that it needs to do body exercises to maintain it to blow the confidence of oneself. But when you talk about 200 lbs with same height and more than that, well, I guess it needs diet to loosen some of the excess. Do many sports activities like kickboxing and alike, go to the gym to have it, and a lot of trying to do to get rid of it or maybe some just like the way they are - an obese. I remember one of my close first cousin is one of them. I bet she is about 200 lbs. She said she cannot get rid of eating because many foods in the table! And also it is because of their hereditary family body. When a woman become a mother too or should I say after they give birth to their child increases the appetite of eating and mostly turn to fat one but not all. It's all especially if the baby is on breast-feeding because the mommy should eat to give milk and nutrients to the baby. And after the baby is on a good age and any other mommy wants then to get in shape. So then, maybe you could try appetite suppressants in supplement of the exercises you are about to do or does the body fat reducing if you want not the lipo suction method which seldom mommies cannot afford to have or simply because they want a traditional method to lose weight .It is good to have a back-up. So then, consult the your doctor before doing any exercises huh? Have a healthy dieting folks! Health is Wealth!

February 16, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Waaaaahh.... for just a month, am lossing 1 to 2 pounds(lbs.) already. My husband called me "skinny", am I? before I weigh 105 lbs. now its 103-104... weeeee... what the _ . Anyway, it's not that much but I need to gain back the weight I loss. I take blogging seriously in level with my study, as a wife, and as myself as well as to mention my social networks too like friendster, etc, so on and so forth. Sometimes hubby got told me that I prioritized my blog but not, actually sometimes before as I just started it- did I already mentioned those sleepless nights to be this in order? Well, that was before. Now, I can take control of my time. I love my life, it's as busy as a bee. Heheheh.. But to tell you, though sometimes I forgot to eat one meal but I make sure that everyday I take my One-Day Multi-Vitamin (a woman's dietary supplement) to prevent sickness and if ever I had sleepless night, I make it up for the next day as well as just took a half-bathe- make sure you don't wash your hair/head to prevent again, sickness. Well then, have fun everyone! Have a nice day... (~_~)

February 05, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Hello everyone, how are you all? I hope everything is fine despite all the trials and circumstances that can't be avoided in our day to day life for I believe that "IF THERE'S LIFE, THERE'S HOPE", do you folks believe this too? You know my friends I have lots to tell you but ohhh my..! Am running out of time. But don't worry I'll still be going to update you guys from the most recent one. I miss writing a lot. So then, let's continue for the happenings, I mean mine. heheh.. Ahhh it's raining hard this day, as I write this still the rain pours down from above- each of its raindrops are big! I can say this because I look at it at my very two eyes. As usual I went to school lately for my Spring Class that starts 12:30 to 4:00 pm and that's from Monday-Friday. The sun shines for just a short time in the morning, and as I went to the transportation site, it's not yet raining but no sunshine anymore and the clouds seems to amazed- for it's the cloud's role to give or rain. It's until one hour or more that the rain started to pour down. But it's no problem because the rain got predicted or forecasted before this day so, the people who watch the news always especially the weather forecast got warned and prepared. It's just amazing and grateful to this people who forecast the weather, right? Am so thankful that because of them, I and we can prepare the things we do and stuffs that we wear, bring, and etcera. Kudos for them!

January 17, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

When someone say a promise what comes to your mind? Or may I say, what a promise mean to you? Well, I guess everyone know the word promise.What is the essence of this word could result into two: (1) promise could be broken, and (2)promise could be fulfilled. The following is an example and one of my experiences of the result of what the topic is.
My partner(husband) promised me yesterday that he would come ride with me in a bus to familiarize the place as I will be going to go schooling for short course(post college) this coming Spring Class on February 2. With that I have to know the ways and means to go to the area which I have to attend my classes before the date I stated. He(my husband) don't like to go with me riding in a bus since he said that's why he has a car so he will not ride in a bus! That answer I cannot accept since I don't have a car so he should have to teach me how I can go to and fro. As in it takes three days of conversation of just that topic, he even dreamed while he's asleep last night about it- he's telling me in a dream of his no-no answer, but that didn't let me accept the idea, I insist, and that made his decision to go with me. Still didn't convince him but pursue what he promised. So the day went well lately and the bus ride was good. We even drop-by the school and see what's near in there, as in he's walking with me (that he don't like to do), I just thank him 'coz I had not hear any complaints. That's what a promise is. (^_~)- to comply without murmuring! I love my husband for so many reason. Once he promise he fulfills it, but he seldom done promises. So then, that's all. Ahhh I forgot, he went with me for the bus ride but he brought his car near the bus stop and parked there, he didn't walk from our house to the bus stop which is just only .2 mile with me... ehheheh.. Well, next week I will be riding a bus alone to familiarize the place without him for he taught me already, I will have to prove to myself that I can do it before the class starts so I will not be late. So, that's it. Hope you're having fun reading my blog.. See yah next topic.. tsup!

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