July 09, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Looking for a dietary supplement? If you're one of these peeps who's trying a luck venturing into pills or of the two(exercise and pills), perhaps you might like to check solo slim--thinking of what you want for. Remember that having overweight brings much of diseases like diabetes, skin problem, etc. That's why lots of peeps trying to get-away of this so called "obesity". Well, it's up to you folks but am just trying to help you out to compare prices and quality.. you know.. And that is if you're looking one. Am not saying that you really need to buy but if ever you're thinking of buying, then you might check it out. Remember, health is wealth. So don't do anything that will ruin it. Think several times before jumping into conclusion and even into buying. Mostly it has to be nutritional as well as it needs doctor's prescription and they just introduce the diet pills they like and it's up to the doctor if it's good for your health. Be savvy! Be frugal but into quality. So then, happy dieting folks! Stay healthy always. Again, health is wealth!


  1. Lulu said...
    cai, wala bay bioslim dinhe? mura dili na mada ug diet ning akong lawas ang solusyon ani si vicky belo na or si dr calayan ba... pero unsaon nalang ug makit-an ko ni hayden???? wahahahah i know what you are thinking!!!!
    Analou said...
    Hello Beck. I think one of this days I will need solo slim. I think I am gaining weight after my visit from the Phils. I don't need to use the weighing scale because I can feel it. I am very lazy to go exercising and I cannot resist my fave french fries. Waaaahhhhhh...hope my metabolism is still fast. Ingat my friend and stay as sweet as you are.

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