December 05, 2012

You guys have experience to have itchy face? I read that having an itchy face has different reasons:

1.) It is caused by seasonal allergies.
2.) Dry skin
3.) Eczema
4.) Food and Medication Allergies
5.) Or, you didn't wash your face

To make sure, consult your doctor if possible. Or wash your face most often with mild soap then put moisturizer that fits on your skin. Some use Palmers product or Cetaphil which I heard help them. A friend of mine is using this now and she finds it very helpful, so I this might also work with you (or maybe not) if you are looking for some products for skin repairs, then you have now an idea to which you have to consult yourself/judgement first to try it or not. You can even read reviews online on how those  product (if you think putting-up something would do wonder) work as I said, it can help you decide. Or if you have allergies, avoid food that you are not allowed to eat. Or avoid stuffs that makes you itchy. This is not an easy situation, yes, itchiness is annoying indeed! So check, live freely and be happy!


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