December 14, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

broiled catfish, corn, and rice w/ gravy

Broiled viand is what DH typical food for dinner. Either broiled chicken, fish, beef, or pork. In the image is a broiled catfish, corn, and rice with gravy. He seldom eat rice without gravy. If incidentally no gravy stashed anymore, he just use soy sauce. Gravy is one of the stuff when it comes with rice. Mostly his viand is in the form of broiled cooking. Why? It is because oil isn't good for him. Though we use olive oil which is good for the body other than any type of cooking oil, yet it is still a no-no. Only seldom we use oil and I like the idea of broiling. I got his broiling cooking that I usually cook my dried fish through broiling. With that, it doesn't against my stomach and it's also good for the health. By the way, he also don't eat fish with bones. When I want a frozen fish, I just get the bones because I have mercy on him (lol) but that is only seldom because we are in one house yet he can't eat what I can eat. Though I do it mostly. lol. -- just kidding..

Okay, broiling is a good way of folks who is on health-conscious because you don't need oil to cook foods. Try it and it's great. Have a happy meal!


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