January 17, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

When someone say a promise what comes to your mind? Or may I say, what a promise mean to you? Well, I guess everyone know the word promise.What is the essence of this word could result into two: (1) promise could be broken, and (2)promise could be fulfilled. The following is an example and one of my experiences of the result of what the topic is.
My partner(husband) promised me yesterday that he would come ride with me in a bus to familiarize the place as I will be going to go schooling for short course(post college) this coming Spring Class on February 2. With that I have to know the ways and means to go to the area which I have to attend my classes before the date I stated. He(my husband) don't like to go with me riding in a bus since he said that's why he has a car so he will not ride in a bus! That answer I cannot accept since I don't have a car so he should have to teach me how I can go to and fro. As in it takes three days of conversation of just that topic, he even dreamed while he's asleep last night about it- he's telling me in a dream of his no-no answer, but that didn't let me accept the idea, I insist, and that made his decision to go with me. Still didn't convince him but pursue what he promised. So the day went well lately and the bus ride was good. We even drop-by the school and see what's near in there, as in he's walking with me (that he don't like to do), I just thank him 'coz I had not hear any complaints. That's what a promise is. (^_~)- to comply without murmuring! I love my husband for so many reason. Once he promise he fulfills it, but he seldom done promises. So then, that's all. Ahhh I forgot, he went with me for the bus ride but he brought his car near the bus stop and parked there, he didn't walk from our house to the bus stop which is just only .2 mile with me... ehheheh.. Well, next week I will be riding a bus alone to familiarize the place without him for he taught me already, I will have to prove to myself that I can do it before the class starts so I will not be late. So, that's it. Hope you're having fun reading my blog.. See yah next topic.. tsup!

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  1. Metallman said...
    Hey there. Ahh, promises. My wife and I try really hard not to promise things we may not be able to keep. Like, "I promise to take you out to dinner tonight". We can't promise that because you never know what may happen from now until then that may cause you to break that promise. I think it's great that once your hubby promised, he fulfilled it. A broken promise hurts much more than just forgetting or not wanting to. I guess it's because trust is involved and the last thing you want to do is think that you can't trust or confide in your significant other. Later!

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