April 23, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

I remember that my grandparents has a small garden of coffee-bearing trees at the province where I live before. And every morning they will grind that coffee seed from dried ones and heated-up water in a kettle and zipping after boiling it mixed with brown sugar and that grinded coffee seed that turns into some coffee ashes. And it tastes good, we call it as natural coffee. Hence, I guess children are allowed to zip from it or drink it. As I grew older, my grandparents don't have that coffee plants anymore and am longing of it until now. To that, we then bought a coffee in a glass, or in a small plastic that tastes not like from the natural fresh coffee as what I called it. And holah! we're not allowed to drink from it because as what to the respected older said it's not good for the health, are you with that idea folks? For me, yes I agree. Even Mormon Church imposes the rule of their church people or member not to drink coffee because as they said it's bad for the health either old or young ones are not advisable to. That's according to such church. I know this because I have a close family circle of such church. Am not banning the coffee companies huh? In fact, I drink coffee most of the time now because I believe it's good for my health and schedule. Truly, as far as to my experience, it won't let you down. I mean it gives you energy especially when you're drowsy. But of course, you need to let your doctor check if coffee is good for your health huh? For me, am on the good age to zip of it, very young age like 22 below is no good, and that is according to me as I said to my experience. I can see and read that mature individuals drinks coffee a lot, and am one of them. So, am in! Are you? Are you fond of zipping a cup of cappuccino? how about frappuccino? I must admit that I don't like tasting coffee even just a very little amount but now, it seems my taste wants and needs it. And it helps me a lot. How about you folks, are you in with coffee or out?


  1. Snow said...
    I am a Starbucks Cappucino addict so I guess I belong to the society! ^_^
    Analou and Bones said...
    Hello Beck. Fraffucino???? well, well, I like it a lot especially the caramel flavor, it's yhuummmyyy...I miss also the fresh coffee. Before I came here in the US I am not addicted to it but now I feel like my body easily gets tired if I can't have one cup. I am in with it although too much is not good for our body.
    Dhemz said...
    halo madam sis..thanks for sharing your thoughts...nako d naman ko mahilig sa coffee...I sipped a cup of coffee before...pero karon wala na...I think the caffeine is not good for your health...I love the cacao better...hehehe!
    Maus said...
    i cai, im coffee addict too..but now that preggy me i avoided it for a while but there is a time na talagang ma miss mo ang taste ng coffee.

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