April 29, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Having six to eight (6 to 8) hours of sleep is very essential everyday for us human kind. It's always been on my mind ever since I was in elementary - happy and proud to get that knowledge from school. To clarify that number, at least 6 hours or maximum of 8 hours per day of continued sleep is what our body needs. And because am so curious about it and some kind of a little stubborn sometimes, I let myself experiment what is the consequences in response to what the theory is. I just like sometimes to break the rule given. lol. - bad me. And I found out that truly experts or scienti sts and doctors words are correct and of course my grand mom (lol). Yeah, am just having some corny jokes in here but true sometimes words needs our own experiences as similar to the saying "to see(or feel) is to believe". Getting too much or more than 8 hours of sleeping is just similar to less than 6 hours. You can feel the tiredness or weak, body aches, cold, stress, and you feel the heat strikes on your body. It also decreases your eating appetite as to my experience. And also you don't like to work and turn you to be lazy. Or in other hand, likes to eat a lot but don't like to exercise or work that one way will lead to... fat and obese! You just like being in bed because you're lazy already and that's not all peepz but mostly. And mind you, it's not only that, it will also makes you sick if you will make that a habbit. Again, this is according to my experience which I think everybody has experience unless if you're drinking energy drink and some medicine but I tell you, it's still good to have that 6 to 8 hours everyday to maintain good health. Again, getting good sleep and active is very important for our body and doing what we want to do. Life is good, wonderful, and precious to waste, so don't have too much or less sleep everyday, okey? Have a pleasant day! smile.. (~_ ~)


  1. ryliej said...
    I only sleep 4 hours or less a day hehehe... I'm bad at this and I am blaming the blogging addiction lol.. Gaya ngayon its 12:19 am na and I am still bloghopping lol..
    Supernova said...
    hahaha, i read about some article regarding sleeping too much, i agree with you it is not too good at all, you'll lose some memories and others too.. thanks for sharing this info cacai, it is a great help for us to know... i oversleep a lot.. hehehe so i'm quite guilty about this as well..

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