June 20, 2012

There are so many ways to find happiness in your life like hanging out with friends, reading books, shopping, strolling and anything that you think you are happy doing such. Music is one of those which can can bring happiness in our life in a simple way. The life that we continue to journey on.

Through the years, we have been surrounded by music. It has penetrated every era of the modern world. Music is used in so many ways these days. To name a few: to create ambience in different places, entertain us especially in gathering and special event and occasions,  guide our emotions for being happy or sad and yes, many more. Most of the times, we can see people just stepping and stomping their sole jiving such. It brings smile unto us, I know, right? Smile. :-)

Music brings happiness to us but we don’t realized and recognized that music is the one brought it in our mood. We caught someone singing in the shower room, singing when they have their ear plugs in, and sometimes singing inside the car that brings to us a smile in our face. Music also bring emotional feeling to us most especially when we are sad. Music affects our emotion because of its sound and lyrics, that’s what music can bring to us. Ooh yeah, it is all about music, of what it does and brings to us.

Are you a music? If so, then we share the same fond of it. Yes, I love music so much! What about you? How do you like it?


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