February 02, 2011

When there are friends, family, alumni-get-together and alike, what would usually is on the center? Yes, I can hear you! Drinks, wine, foods which include dessert and everything but what else? Yes, discotheque (or simply called "disco") or with a live band which everyone celebrates what should have to be celebrated. But what about karaoke? Yes karaoke with the use of its karaoke machine makes the group alive and could shout, oops I mean sing what their hearts out. He he he! And everybody happy! Yes, everybody would be happy with the help of the host/hostess great party. :-) That would be awesome, don't you think? Do you love singing?

Me, I love it that much though I do not have such a very voice. Well, practice makes perfect, right? Ha! What's the use of your own karaoke if you won't use it? How I wish I/we have one. Just for family bonding or for special occasion.


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