November 04, 2009

What's good with an LCD TV? For me, aside from it is an "in" thing for a modern technology television, it provides good space since it is thin. If you have a small place to put your soon television in, then buy a stuff like this - an LCD. one It has a high definition which makes the picture clear. It is light also to which you can mount it anywhere you like, whether you hang it over on your living room, kitchen, and everywhere - it's just okay unlike the former style. Well, that's all what I can say about an LCD TV for now. Am sure years from now there will be another added stuff to this LCD TV features since technology is changing fast. What's more? Let's find out..


  1. emyat said...
    Nice TV hubby is planning to get one this christmas but waiting for some major sales haha, sis 2010 gani na ahak lage oi di ko kabalo i tried it once pero na erase na hinuon tanan hahai need to buy one gae ko money sis bday bitaw naku lol
    analou said...
    Hello Baje. hayyy Kailan pa kaya we can own a LCD TV like that. We have been thinking of buying one but with our spending right now, we take it aside yet and maybe we will give it a thought next year. How are you dear Becka? I miss talking to you na. I will call you 30 minutes from now.
    GIOVANNI "John" FANCUBIT said...
    hicai.. im back.. bisitahi pud imong brader

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