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September 24, 2010

(Thanks to Wm Rowe)

I have to admit it -- with all the fancy superheroes and sophisticated, adult comics out there, I still prefer Superman. I've been a fan since I was a toddler, when George Reeves flashed onto the screen in "The Adventures of Superman". You can still catch this great series on TV, along with the wonderful romantic comedy series "Lois and Clark".

Everybody knows the story of Superman and how he was rocketed to earth as an infant by his father Jor-El before their planet Krypton exploded. Raised by a kindly farmer and his wife in an idyllic rural setting, young Kal-El was called Clark Kent and kept his unusual abilities a secret. He became an award-winning investigative journalist for the Metropolis Daily Planet. His brilliant, beautiful co-worker Lois Lane, cigar-smoking boss Perry White and genius arch-enemy Lex Luthor and are almost as famous as he is.
What I love about Superman is that he sets an example. He is a spirit of help and inspiration to the people of Earth. Even other superheroes respect him, for he believes that all living creatures are essentially good and want to do right. 

Superman changed the face of comics. Superheroes had existed before him, notably Doc Savage, but none had captured the public imagination as forcefully as the Man of Steel. His real life story is as legendary as his mythic origin. He was created by schoolboys Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in the mid-1930s. Their original story was about a hero like a modern Samson or Hercules, who would fight for truth and justice, right wrongs and save lives. After being rejected by several publishers Superman found a home with Action Comics, and the rest is history.

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