August 27, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

National Football League 2009 Season is under the way. How's your pre-fantasy football draft going? Have you checked WaiverWire's "The Stimulus Package" yet? WaiverWire is the most comprehensive source for fantasy football rankings, projections, drafting software, news, stats, and analysis to help you win your fantasy league.

Before finishing my draft, we will talk first about our favorite NFL players. Who are your top three? Who's your best football team so far? For me
, Terryl Owens of the Buffalo Bills, is the best when it comes to the wide receiver position. His exciting and amazing moves, are what make him an outstanding wide receiver. Eric Wood, an offensive linesman of the Buffalo Bills, is my second favorite among the NFL players. The Buffalo Bills, is my favorite team(and my hubby's favorite too) but when it comes to running back, Kris Wilson from San Diego Chargers, is my choice as full back. Well, do not get me wrong, this is only my opinion and we do not know if your players will be the best for this 2009 season. Check out WaiverWire for how and when to draft them.

WaiverWire's "The Stimulus Package" which normally cost $19.99, is now completely free. You do not need to spend anything to get this valuable tool.
This package includes free fantasy research tools, free real time fantasy player news, statistics, and free access to fantasy experts in WaiverWire's Fantasy Forum. Here's what you can get for News, Stats, and Advice;

Another advantage in "The Stimulus Package" is networking with other serious fantasy players and participating in Waiver Wire’s propriety Guru Challenge Game. By participating in this game, you are able to create a track record with your players. Here's what you can get: Free Profile Page, Free Weekly Guru Challenge, Free access to WaiverWire Fantasy Sports Community Forum, and Fantasy Social network - Meet, Share, Learn and ... Talk Smack!

The free offer of WaiverWire's "The Stimulus Package" is only limited, so check it out now!



  1. kittykat said...
    kadakop sad diay ka ani Cai..ako pod..duha actually from them..ganahan ko sa ilaha..hehehe..congrats dear..
    Dhemz said...
    hello madam sis...woi, kumusta na? nag skul nako gahapon....ehheheh!

    abi nako ug nag enroll ka this sem...mao, kay 3 na bya imong blog...hala sige kayod jud....hehehhe...joke! makalingaw man jud ning blogging woi...ako bitaw kung papilion...maypa magblogging ko kay sa skewla ug balik...kapoy tuon woi...hehehehe!

    woi tuod..I like the new EC toolbar...sayon kaau mag drop....:)

    bitaw, agi ko dire diha kay wala pako ka sugod ug blog hop....:)
    Lulu said...
    wow nakadakop na pod ka ani? ikapila naman ni oi hehehe

    mareng mo skul diay pod ka? agoy ako ani balik lang ko kinder hehehe

    dugay na lagi ta nag chickka siguro busy ka pagpanakop diha ... sige oi babush
    grace said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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