February 05, 2011

Just lately these two teams had a match-up and I so love watching it. It is a heart-pounding, oops! The game was held at Golden State team home court. I was interested of watching the game because of Golden State Warriors of Sacramento team as the last time this team beats my ever Los Angeles Lakers for points at Lakers home court. It's only seldom Lakers loss at its home court and it was two times on a row. The next game was with its match-up with Boston Celtics team. Ah! Let us see their asses next time. Oh, ha! And so I bet for Golden State and I was not wrong. They won just for a point. Yes, only one point. Knowing that Chicago Bulls is not an easy match-up, I was then nodding my head to Golden State. This time going great  just like Los Angeles Clippers huh! What you think? Did you watched the game lately? How do you like it?

Now, am thinking of Golden State Warriors of Sacramento against Los Angeles Lakers the next time as well as Lakers and Celtics. Ah! I could not wait. Ha ha! 

Tomorrow am looking forward of football championship between Steelers against Packers. And am betting for Steelers, just FYI. Ha! Sorry Packers but the last team standing would be awesome. Still, am on Steelers. Oops! Good luck for the teams fans for tomorrow!

I wonder which NBA teams will also play tomorrow. Ah, the important is the football because it's championship. So all the best folks! Happy watching and cheering (for tomorrow)!


  1. Mel Avila Alarilla said...
    Hehehe, mahilig ka pala sa NBA. Ang favorite team ko ay Los Angesles Lakers. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
    clavs said...
    nice blog you got here, visit mine. tnx.

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