January 27, 2013

 Without a credit/debit card or PayPal, it is really impossible to buy merchandise online or even open a music/video-rental account. For many, they have a credit card, but I am sure they have to limit theirselves from shopping online, otherwise they will be buried from debt.

I actually have PayPal and good thing the store that I planned to shop for a gift online for my friend is accepting such for payment, but the thing is I changed my mind, I won't shop online yet. I have planned to do it this coming weekend at the local store nearby, at least hubby is at home, and he could watch Sarah while I am away for a couple of hours. I have no idea yet on what to buy, but since she is a woman, I am sure it is not hard to look for a gift for her. I want something that she could use, wear, or see it everyday. I just wish she will like it. Anyway, while I am typing here, I am also chatting with my friend on Facebook. Ha ha. Thanks to my little princes for not disturbing me. She is such a darling! :)


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