May 01, 2011

When will be your anniversary? Well, it doesn't matter when actually. As long as you do not forget it. Made/make a plan in advance to surprise your behalf is great to know you have something prepared for. Every anniversary celebration is great, 5th anniversary gift baskets on your 5th is also awesome for you to do it. I do not know if you are celebrating everyday on your love but for me, anniversary is special and essential. :-) Well, it does not need to be expensive. It is just that you will make your partner special! Thoughtful gestures, as they say. So then, have an advance anniversary for you two! Have a great one. ~hugs&kisses~

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  1. Grace Arreza said...
    Good Day Mommy Cacai!

    Just want to inform you sis that I have posted your link on my blog as a donor of Kassandra's hearing aid. Is it OK with you?

    By the way, Happy Mother's Day :)


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