July 10, 2011

In our life's journey, we have friends. A girl friends and a boy friends. But not girlfriends or boyfriends. See the difference of the two? I know you know. Or unless if you are a psychopath or what, it is your lifestyle but it's really great having friends, alright one girlfriend or one boyfriend is great when it comes to a relationship. The true and honest one. Having said that, each would know each other better, trust more. And when it comes to special occasions or even just an ordinary one that you maybe grateful or just thank him/her for being faithful, cheap girlfriend gifts but quality and meaningful one would do the talking of one's heart. Of what one would like to let him/her feel as of that moment. It makes a difference when there's something that you could hand-on to your special girl. Ah, boys are good with that. And it's not bad. It brings more the image of being romantic and being thoughtful. Every girl loves that!


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