August 30, 2010

It was how many weeks I was not able to print photos to give to my sweet step daughter. She sent me pictures telling it is for me though my DH is also entitled of it (of course aside from it is her daughter) as we are couple. Well, it was such a nice feeling thinking about giving regards and some hi and hello on the phone through her dad. She even sent (first time she sent for me and for her dad, usually a greeting card) us gifts from her savings and she said it was being sent with love. It is humbly given since the gifts was awesome from bath and body works. Not just two but a large flat rate USPS box for the two of us (DH and I). Okay, it arrived after DH and I's anniversary. :-) Now with it were pictures too and a card, without happy anniversary but just a gift. It was cool and sweet, for me. If it is not for you, then I do not know how you call it. Now, it was already weeks have passed contemplating about my running of ink and some busy stuffs. I am planning to have those pictures to be printed to send to her through online printing, in this way I could also print the others for album safe keeping. It also good for professional print. All I can then do is upload those pics and l instruct how I would like it to be printed or how many pieces each of those pictures. Hemm.. now tell me if it is not a good decision then. All I wanna have to do for the meantime then is to see my shell of savings for the printing jobs. I have to do more counting back and see how many could I came up.


  1. Mel Avila Alarilla said...
    Nice of your step daughter to send you and your hubby gifts (presumably, anniversary gifts). It's the first time I heard about online printing and I will study the site on the link in your post to know more about it. Thanks for the info. God bless you all always.
    Cacai M. said...
    Thank you Kuya Mel for your written thoughts of commenting. As always, you're such a cool and a very nice person, dami na akong utang sa iyo na bisita.. see u then. :-)

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