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August 20, 2011

First, I wanna thank Te Willa, the host of Food Trip Friday meme for featuring my last FTF entry, White Pomfret Stew with Vegetables. Yey! I couldn't be more proud of my homemade foodies in my kitchen journey. Wink.

Now, the question is why rough? Instead of my usual recipe ingredient whole kernel corn to put unto the maja blanca, I put quartered pineapple chunks. I wanted it like that and I was not disappointed because it suit to my taste this time. Also I like it a bit sticky, not so sticky and so I did. Now, am going to answer why it has a rough side. It has a rough front side. That is so, because of the pineapple pieces. And since I like a bit of sticky one, it is one cause also the surface isn't even, so that is what you can see below. The spatula didn't make it. Grin.
(click images to enlarge)
However, I have also a smooth surface side of it. And that is the back side because the back is even. :-) Hours after I freeze it,  I flip one from the two medium and small corning wares then put it in a microwavable plastic that is a bit bigger size. And that you can see below (you can enlarge images by clicking it). Yep, a smooth backside of my current cooked maja blanca, fresh from my kitchen. Smile. -_- Yeah, it's my food trip yesterday, Friday. I cooked it at dawn time. Ha ha! Ah, craving and my goal of cooking my dessert ingredients before my tummy will pop-up! What I like cooking this dessert is that it is pretty easy as long as ingredients are complete! I posted its recipe already here so you might like to dig on my archives should you like my recipe. I still use the ratio of 4:1 . The recipe is here:

Do you like maja blanca dessert? How do you like it?

May 21, 2011

Friday, here I come! I wanna have some food trip! Seeing foods display would increase my appetite or makes me hungry. Well, we gotta eat you know. This is one advantage of hopping from one food to another preparations because we will be having an idea on what to eat especially at a time that we cannot think of what to cook or to prepare. This time, am having a thought of making a fruit salad but am lack of ingredients. I have to go to the store first to buy those lacking ones. Now, presenting my very own version of fruit salad below.
 (click images to enlarge)
This is by the way is one of the foods I prepared during Holy Friday in preparation for the next day or just eating some for such day as no meat in observance of fasting and abstinence. I promised to post a picture so here it is. This time, am craving for this dessert. But it's okay. I would just stare this picture imagining am already eating. Hahaha! So that is it. My food trip this Friday!

Above is your share of fruit salad. Have fun eating! ;-)

July 12, 2010

Hi folks, how are you today? I bet everything's doing well and that is great! Just get into the happy journey albeit of the trials we experience every now and then. The sufferings are just spices in life so we would know how to appreciate what we have. Just like this sweet potato pie below. It needs to bake it good and mix well. Its ingredients should all gathered together prior to preparing or putting it in a pan. It should have to be like that or else you cannot taste the sweet potato pie you wanted to.

Oops! Am I serious enough? Just currently wanted to eat some sweet potato pie and then off to go to the post office. I have something to mail, return that is. Ah.. sweet potato, I want you now badly. Wanted! ;-) How do you like your taste bud to try something you do not like or you crave for? How do you spoil your craving? Err... I have to go now. See yah later potato pie. :)

May 30, 2010

Have a great day folks! How's your weather in there? As of this time and yesterday, the weather here in this side city of ours is certainly hot and humid. But I couldn't complain for more. This is what our weather supposedly and I am embracing it. What I just do to combat this humidity aside from air conditioning stuff or fan, is drinking a lot of liquid. Yes, a lot of water usually cold water and stuffs like ice cream, ice drop, juice, fruits or just anything that is cold. Just lately, I had this thought of making some avocado stuff which ended as my own recipe.

Yep, my own recipe which I called it as "Iced avocado with ice cream". I had a rip avocado which was ready to turn into something, either with my simple mix of condensed milk and mashed it all together with cubes of ice on it or with my thought of such what the title can tell. :) An ice cream adds flavor with it. My taste buds craved for an ice cream so I just put it altogether instead of eating one by one with all the sweetness of them. So I just did what my usual process was which is to mash the avocado with a spoon and put some condensed milk (only this time condensed milk is lesser) then put my favorite "rocky road" (flavor of ice cream) at the top. Then done! And here's another one..

And.. time for chow time! ;-)

By the way, how you like your avocado to be eaten? Can you share your secret?

May 15, 2010

My food trip for today is a red velvet birthday cake which happened to be my cake days ago. Well, it was my special day as what most of you know because I was transparent enough and even had my surprised birthday gifts which I was thankful enough to those deary blogger friends of mine. It was such an awesome feeling. ;-)

red velvet birthday cake

Above is what was it. DH gave me money to bought the cake that I want and some stuffs for my birthday. Actually, she asked me what I wanted as a gift but I just said "just give me money and I will be the one to buy it for myself"... ;-) Anyway, that's another story or another portion of what he gave, yep, the cake.. lol..

Maybe, you're astonished if an above cake was another birthday cake of mine, and maybe too that you will just see it as there's just something added. And the latter is correct. When you see there are ribbons over the white decors, that's by the way its original decoration with that ribbons but I took the ribbons because seemed like it's already crowded so the first picture was the result, don't you think so? ;-) I was chasing for the small cake and has a nice decors but I opted for this big one though its decoration was not that cool enough because its my first time to get a whole big velvet cake.. Ha!

a slice of a red velvet birthday cake

Whatever it was, let's have a slice of such! Would you want one? Oops, I forgot DH consumed the last slice yesterday (the expiration date is May 26)... sorry... better luck next velvet cake, okay? ;-) Have a great yummy Food Trip Friday folks! Smile... :)

February 05, 2010

banana peanut salad

How is everyone this weekend? I hope you guys are enjoying bonding with your family in there. Mine is pretty okay though it is still raining over here until now. The good thing is I have not heard major damages aside from minor floods in the road and peeps who want to have a walk cannot do such. Anyway, would you care to prepare my own banana salad recipe? This is just a simple and out of my curiosity as well on experimenting my recent craved peanuts in a fruit salad. Usually I put peanuts on maja blanca dessert only and some on vegetable salads. So I thought of putting it in one of my top fruit of my choice which is banana. It is done just like fresh or canned fruits salad. The procedure is so easy as 1-2-3! (1) I just slice the banana fruit into small slices, (2) then I put nestle cream and condensed milk (you can substitute nestle cream and condensed milk with evaporated milk or fresh milk if you wish too; that's what I did when I run out of such), (3)then put peanuts (or you can add too whole kernel corn with it if you like corns), and done! It is good when it is cold, you may feel like put ice or put in the fridge before eating. It is easy, isn't it? Have a happy dessert eating with sprite without caffeine. Have a nice day and TGIW (Thanks God It's Weekend)... (~_~)

January 21, 2010

sweetened root crops

I thought of cooking a dessert made of purplish taro root after I saw that I could put some ice on it and eat it cold. I usually eat this dessert on warm so, I decided to try it out. I was in the middle on my journey on making it, but then it turned out that the liquid (a little water part from boiling the taro root and a can of 400 mL coconut milk) was more than what was for the content. So I twist it into sweetened root crops. I add another taro root, potato, yellow squash, a can of jack fruit (more than the size of the coconut milk, and of course more granulated/white sugar. What I did was stopped the stove and peeled the root crops and boiled until half cook then put it into the stopped cook supposedly-sweetened taro root. By the way, I cut the jack fruits from the can into thin strips. To continue, I then together put the strips of jack fruits into the mixed root crops. After that, add sugar and boiled again. And done!
I tell you I made 6 servings! Yep, and because DH don't like to eat root crops, I was only the one devouring it. It was good for days of consumption for me. It was okay because it is good if it is cold. I put ice on it and it is yumm-o! By the way, I also called this as "root crops in coconut milk or not-so-binignit"

December 25, 2009

posted by: Cacai M

The blackberry cobbler is sweet in taste. Pretty much you like if you have your sweet appetite to devour is in at such moment. This is one of the food at our table last night and to think it still has it today. It's not that we don't like to eat such but we have much sweet foods prepared but surely we will attend to eat such later perhaps since we (dear husband and me) can still taste the sweets we had. Hmmmmm.. by the way, it was my first taste of this food and I like it! My dear husband bought such after went half day to his work. He got it in downtown Los Angeles together with the beef ribs and the other recipes. Thanks to my dearie for letting me taste the blackberry cobbler. :-)

By the way, how was your "Noche Buena" Christmas celebration folks? Do you have some leftover for me there? (LOL).. just kidding.. So then, hope everything's well and the best!

October 24, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

(click the image to enlarge)

That's (image above) the leche flan I always craved of and let my hubby buy whenever he goes to El Pollo Loco with matching grilled chicken, corn, and rice. I like its leche flan so much. I can eat it all at one time. lol. It's not that small, it's not even big. I don't about you, perhaps it's just depend upon the appetite or the person. Anyway, did I mention that I like to try to make this dessert by myself? Yes, but sadly up to now haven't yet due to some reason. Aside from hubby were advised by his doctor not to eat sweets, and he just don't like trying it, lol. I've seen several recipes but haven't attempted yet, well, one day.. :-) So that's it. It's just my dessert diary upon my life's journey. Have a good day!

June 12, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.


*** {click to enlarge images-- never mind the date of d bottom pics- cam's date was late 4 days} ***

Okay, it's been a week or two already that I wanna make a mango and am glad finally I made it yesterday. I was just been so very busy for the past months and weeks that it's just recently I got a break to do some desert and kitchen cooking. Hubby and me mostly bought foods outside to give in our eating need, see how busy we were? Hemmm... Yep! But as I said I got a break now so I will be back cooking because mostly my beauty will be at the house already -- no more school for the summer so, am happy about it. By the way, here is the recipe of my own mango float version (fresh from my kitchen, this would yield a medium rectangular-shaped pyrex):


  • 4-6  pieces big ripe mangoes
  • 1 small condensed milk (227 g)
  • 1 small nestle cream (227 g)
  • 1 small bag of graham crackers (or any biscuit similar)
  • 1 small bag of crushed graham (optional, since you can make crushed graham but crushing the graham crackers yourself but that requires work, it's your choice)


  1. 1. Mix one small can of condensed milk and nestle cream in a bowl. 
  2.  2. Peel off the mangoes skin then after it's peeled off, cut the mangoes as your desired shapes. I like mine in chunks, I just only cut the whole mangoes twice, so one slice in one side and one slice in the other side, or, four slices (as in two slices in the one side and two slices in the other side as well). It's your choice,  your style. You are the master of your own creation.
    3. Then, put graham crackers first (serve as a thick side on on the very deep part so it's strong enough to hold if you're going to get it already to serve. After putting the graham crackers, put the mangoes.

    4. Put the mixture of milk and nestle cream at the top of the sliced mangoes.
  3. 5. Repeat the steps 1-4 until the container or pyrex ware for the desert full. Once done, put it in the freezer (yes, freeze it). You also need a sharp cake knife to cut before serving. By the way, it's also better to cut it into bite pieces before serving. So that's it, ready to eat after freezing overnight (I usually done it at night time)! Enjoy! :)

  { * Note: It's either your choice if you put the mangoes on top the crushed graham as seen in the picture. And let your imagination do on decorating the top using the mangoes. But I'll give you a tip. If you do the mangoes the last, make it sure you will going to consume it in one sitting, if not, just then cover the mangoes with crushed graham because the mangoes will going to discolor if not eaten right away fresh from the freezer.*}

Pretty easy, right? Why not try it for yourself? (~_~)

Analou Dilaura

May 25, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

The fruit salad recipe which am about to share with you folks is my own version of making it. Actually, I got an idea of my fifth top woman of m y life which is my aunt-in-law Aunt Winnie of which she's fond of making desserts and am just adding my own version of it. Did you remember our school class event potluck folks? This is the food that I brought back of that time back then... Am glad my classmates liked it. As you can see below, it's just simple to do that's why that's what I did. (lol). By the way, here's the recipe:


6 cans
27 oz (766 g) fruit cocktail
1 can whole kernel corn
1/ 4 size of big green watermelon
1 1/2 pouch 10 oz (297 g) of colorful marshmallow

2 cans 400 ml nestle cream

1 can 14 oz (396 g) of condensed milk

Procedure (below):

  1. Get ready all the stuffs needed to use like container mixing and for the end product, strainer, can opener, and knife and chopping board for the watermelon.
  2. Open all the cans and set aside.
  3. Sift all the fruit cocktail in cans and put in container mixer.
  4. While fruit cocktails are into sifting, cut and slice watermelon as like to the size of fruit cocktail.
  5. After all the sifting and cutting, mix all the other ingredients to the sifted fruit cocktail and done! Put it in refrigerator to cool it off.

Happy eating folks !


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