March 07, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

As I blog hopped yesterday, I saw interesting tag of Dhemz of My Life's Perception and Inspiration and I find it nice to let them know or may I say to show appreciation to them and reminiscing the good deeds they had left deep within ourselves. By the way guys, I am asking Ate Cecile of her SMALL AND SIMPLE THINGS blog that it's just after two days from this post that I saw that she tag me. I would also grab this time to thank her for being so nice and warm to me- again, thanks a lot Te Ces for including me on your list. So, here are my Top 5 Women in My Life:
(1.) My step-grandmother Felomina(Paling)= though she's not here in this world anymore I could still remember her lovely face and the good deeds she left in me. She's the one who raised me up when I was still 8 months old until high school together with my grandfather of my mother side. She's one of a kind.
(2.) My mother Gloria(Thata)= she's my mother and am not here in this world not because of her, even the world will become square- she's still my mother. I grew up without her by my side because she works in Metropolitan area(Manila) far from the place I was raised to provide my needs. It's just sad to know that we didn't have that much time of bonding as mother-daughter for she married and live in Manila as I was in my 3rd grade in elem.(am 9 yrs. old that time)- we live separately. I came to see my mother after I graduate college and I sense that she's a very caring and nice mom but that it's all about it- she has 6 children excluding me. I just lucky for my half-siblings are good to me and nods on me as their eldest. For those who do not know- am an illegitimate child with a surname of my father who grew up on my mother side. Both of them have their own family already. And I have other 5 half-siblings excluding me of my father side. All in all I have 11 half-siblings. And I can't see my half-siblings not because of my mother. So, am thankful because of her- that made her my 2nd choice.
(3.) My grandmother Lolang(father side)= she's very nice to me, she provides me everything she can while am still on her hands during my junior and senior years in private school. I really love her. Sad to say, God got her before my graduation in high school. I can't forget the way she treated me.

(4.) My Aunt Thata= she's the youngest sibling of my father who don't have yet a child until now. She's so good to me. She's one of my provider before.

(5.) My Aunt Winnie= actually she's my aunt-in-law, the wife of my father's brother. She's so good to me too and one of my provider when I was still in my college years.

And now that am done, I wanna pass this tag to all my co-bloggers here who likes to post this tag on their blog. Come one guys feel free to grab this tag.
Beloved First Commenter = despera teblogger


  1. desperateblogger said...
    i guess having four other women caring for you made up for your mother's absence during your childhood.
    dhemz said...
    wow...this is very interesting story madam sis...thanks a lot for sharing...I was not expected pero am glad that you open up a lil bit...much appreciated madam sis....:) Thanks for grabbing....:) mwuah!
    Cacai_Nad said...
    Thank you desperate blogger for such warm comment you have. Yep, they made me feel am well-cared by a mother who un such they're the one behind such absence. Am glad I have the other four(4)adorable and respected people.

    And to Madam Sis Dhemz, thanks too and you're always welcome. I am such a very serious here, I opened my life.. heheheh.. It made me think that am such a lucky one and am proud of being me and of them. Muahhugs Sis and all commenters and to those who will still comment in here.

    I will post the FC link and pic later. Keep still commenting guys.. Have a pleasant day all!
    Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...
    Wow sis, i didn't know all this..well now i know..i see you are a fighter. At least you have these four special women in your life who have molded you to be a better person...because diba most kids grew up without mom by their side nawawala ng landas. I know you are not that kind..thumbs up for you sis..
    Cacai_Nad said...
    Thank you Chie, and yep am lucky to have them sis, again, thanks. muahhugs
    Cecile said...
    thanks for sharing your story dear :-) ako rin di lumako sa care ng nanay ko till i was 7, but still she is my first choice and I love her so much!
    Cacai_Nad said...
    Ohhh! I see Ate.. Maybe we just have different one because after she got married- am 9 yrs. old at that time- we don't have any communication so I guess that's the reason why she's not my #1 but still I love her. Thanks for dropping here ATe Cecile, you're such a very loving one. Anyway, how was your weekend Te Ces? I bet it's awesome as always. Muahhhugs for you Ate Ces.

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