June 12, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.


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Okay, it's been a week or two already that I wanna make a mango and am glad finally I made it yesterday. I was just been so very busy for the past months and weeks that it's just recently I got a break to do some desert and kitchen cooking. Hubby and me mostly bought foods outside to give in our eating need, see how busy we were? Hemmm... Yep! But as I said I got a break now so I will be back cooking because mostly my beauty will be at the house already -- no more school for the summer so, am happy about it. By the way, here is the recipe of my own mango float version (fresh from my kitchen, this would yield a medium rectangular-shaped pyrex):


  • 4-6  pieces big ripe mangoes
  • 1 small condensed milk (227 g)
  • 1 small nestle cream (227 g)
  • 1 small bag of graham crackers (or any biscuit similar)
  • 1 small bag of crushed graham (optional, since you can make crushed graham but crushing the graham crackers yourself but that requires work, it's your choice)


  1. 1. Mix one small can of condensed milk and nestle cream in a bowl. 
  2.  2. Peel off the mangoes skin then after it's peeled off, cut the mangoes as your desired shapes. I like mine in chunks, I just only cut the whole mangoes twice, so one slice in one side and one slice in the other side, or, four slices (as in two slices in the one side and two slices in the other side as well). It's your choice,  your style. You are the master of your own creation.
    3. Then, put graham crackers first (serve as a thick side on on the very deep part so it's strong enough to hold if you're going to get it already to serve. After putting the graham crackers, put the mangoes.

    4. Put the mixture of milk and nestle cream at the top of the sliced mangoes.
  3. 5. Repeat the steps 1-4 until the container or pyrex ware for the desert full. Once done, put it in the freezer (yes, freeze it). You also need a sharp cake knife to cut before serving. By the way, it's also better to cut it into bite pieces before serving. So that's it, ready to eat after freezing overnight (I usually done it at night time)! Enjoy! :)

  { * Note: It's either your choice if you put the mangoes on top the crushed graham as seen in the picture. And let your imagination do on decorating the top using the mangoes. But I'll give you a tip. If you do the mangoes the last, make it sure you will going to consume it in one sitting, if not, just then cover the mangoes with crushed graham because the mangoes will going to discolor if not eaten right away fresh from the freezer.*}

Pretty easy, right? Why not try it for yourself? (~_~)

Analou Dilaura


  1. Analou and Bones said...
    Yummyyyy.... I love mango float Beck. It's easy to prepare and very tasty. Maybe you can send me the one slice left...hehehhee...I will make you one for my upcoming birthday party tentatively on July 4, you and your hubby is invited. I will give you a call if the date is confirmed. Take care and have a nice day.
    Supernova said...
    oh i wish i could have philippines mango because they are much yummier than the mangoes here in US, i miss eating this
    Angels in my life said...
    this is super yummy, can't wait to eat someday...
    Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...
    lamia ani sis....wa nay sobra diha?
    yen said...
    am still looking for graham crackers here in holland, can't find one but husband said maybe a digestive biscuits will be okay...i don't really like to put mangoes on it, i like it plain or just a sprinkle of raisins
    joy said...
    ang sarap naman niyan, pahingi po. hehehe.
    Bill said...
    Mango are so good. Yum Yum
    Meryl (proud pinay) said...
    wow mango float! sarap naman nyan! sayang walang mangga dito sa IL na singsarap ng mangga sa pinas. ang mangga lang dito ay mangga ng ecuador.
    btw, salamat sa birthday greetings! i linked you here...bilang pasasalamat sa iyong pagbati^_^

    josie said...
    looks yummy, I will try it.

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