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May 02, 2010

Monday, ooh Monday... here you are! It's time for blue color hunting folks. Time indeed flies so fast as if we will not chase upon it. And now, it's Monday! My entry is crystal clear blue sky with a dash of beautiful white clouds on it. It is just a sign that the weather we had the following days (and onwards ;-) is still as this. I couldn't be happier for it. No much so worried about nature problems and such. God is great!

blue color sky

I got tempted with my phone to catch this beautiful blue color sky with a dash of white clouds which looks like cottons up above in the apartment complex where DH and I stayed. It's beautiful so I again, I can't resist out of it. ;-)

moi haggard look with blue trash can, dash of blue in my red shirt and bubbles ;-)

Yep, it's me on my haggard look. I just woke that time, then went out straight unto facing up in front of my PC doing some checking and at the same time doing my art thing (you can see it at my art above.. ha ha ha! ;-)

Happy blue color hunting Monday! For more Blue Monday, head on to Smiling Sally blog. Have fun hunting.. ;-)


January 23, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

After how many days of raining here in Southern California, at last the sun shines for long and no rain no more (sunshine after the rains)! Thanks God. The rain started Saturday---the 16th of this month and it ended yesterday. What a series days of rains huh! Yep, we SoCal actually was hit with rainstorm and the areas (that was wrecked by fire last summer) and its surroundings were having flood and muddy. Some owner of the houses affected were sad that they don't got a home insurance even from affordable ones. Now, people are inquiring some insurance quotes so by circumstances like this, they won't be that so affected. By the way, here in my place, East Alhambra, were not that much affected (thanks God) but we were not spared by the wind, cold, and as I said unending days of rain. And these are the sky's images today from here in our place.

view from the 2nd floor center of the apartment complex

view from left side center of the 2nd floor apartment complex

view from the right side center of the 2nd floor apartment complex

Happy weekend folks! Have a good one... the sun is smiling on us and the clouds are having their journey dancing in the sky... :-)

January 04, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

I felt like sharing my day which at the end of the event, I just realized that I got fascinated with the color blue and at the same time the yellow ones on that day of which I will also share today.

the beautiful blue sky with dashes of clouds

yellow pole, yellowish leaves, and a warning sign on the blue garbage big can

yellow ropes

That was more than two weeks ago already, as I went to downtown Alhambra (five minutes from our apartment) bought cards for friends and family circle.. Anyway, have a happy blue Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday!

December 14, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Nine days to go for Christmas! OOH hah! Are you ready for the Christmas celebration folks? Hemmm.. since Christmas is already in the air, I guess most of you are excited and that's great! All I can say is be happy even though there's no new for this special day.

By the way, as the days are counting down for Christmas, rains are also pouring here in my place. This is unusual for me. From three years of my stay in here, it's just this time that it's raining for consecutive days. Am glad it didn't rain today. It was Friday last week until Sunday that it did. I was happy of it because it is not hard that it cause into flood or whatsoever. The raindrops that we had were music to my ears since I had not witnessed raindrops for so long already. Below is the image of the sky last Friday, apparently no clouds appeared that day.

Have a great week folks! Enjoy the countdown and I hope it will not rain hard if there's rain forecast this week and in the coming days.. To God be the glory!

August 26, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Hi folks, it's Wednesday again and time for Wordless Wednesday entry. This time it is beautiful clouds of which I saw days ago while I was walking here in our block. Am glad I brought my cam and grabbed it for this beautiful nature scene. Happy MM everyone!

More of my entry here and other participants entry here .

August 05, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

morning clouds

This picture was taken last Monday(August 3) this week at exactly the time on the image. I got fascinated with the clouds though its some kind of a fire-like. Take note that's only a cloud and no reported fire. I took this pic after I accompanied hubby at the doorstep of our apartment to go to his office workplace(his work schedule is 7-5 pm only Monday-Thursday), so that was it. Is it wordless with you? (~_~) To view of more of my Wordless Wednesday, it's in here . Happy WW!

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