May 02, 2010

Monday, ooh Monday... here you are! It's time for blue color hunting folks. Time indeed flies so fast as if we will not chase upon it. And now, it's Monday! My entry is crystal clear blue sky with a dash of beautiful white clouds on it. It is just a sign that the weather we had the following days (and onwards ;-) is still as this. I couldn't be happier for it. No much so worried about nature problems and such. God is great!

blue color sky

I got tempted with my phone to catch this beautiful blue color sky with a dash of white clouds which looks like cottons up above in the apartment complex where DH and I stayed. It's beautiful so I again, I can't resist out of it. ;-)

moi haggard look with blue trash can, dash of blue in my red shirt and bubbles ;-)

Yep, it's me on my haggard look. I just woke that time, then went out straight unto facing up in front of my PC doing some checking and at the same time doing my art thing (you can see it at my art above.. ha ha ha! ;-)

Happy blue color hunting Monday! For more Blue Monday, head on to Smiling Sally blog. Have fun hunting.. ;-)



  1. SmilingSally said...
    That sky is gorgeous, and you are pretty even when you THINK you are haggard. Happy Blue Monday.
    gengen said...
    You look pretty Cai and the first pic is also pretty. Happy blue Monday.
    Dhemz said...
    hahhaha...haggard man jud ang term woi...ka pretty ra ni madam sis ah...ehehhehe!

    sau galing imong entry this week....hadlok galing ni ma closan da...hahhaa..ako nasa ang ma closan ani kay wala pako!

    thanks for sharing madam sis...

    agi ko dire kadali kay taas pa akong!
    Chie Wilks said...
    great shot of you sis.....dli man haggard...agree ko ni sis Dhems...pretty
    LV said...
    Loved the pretty blue sky scene for today. I may not have the best of eye sight, but you are far from haggard. You have been blessed with so many followers, but I am making you have one more.
    Cacai M. said...
    Thanks guys for being here.. I appreciate it much and will get back to yah later.. muahhh!

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