January 04, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

I felt like sharing my day which at the end of the event, I just realized that I got fascinated with the color blue and at the same time the yellow ones on that day of which I will also share today.

the beautiful blue sky with dashes of clouds

yellow pole, yellowish leaves, and a warning sign on the blue garbage big can

yellow ropes

That was more than two weeks ago already, as I went to downtown Alhambra (five minutes from our apartment) bought cards for friends and family circle.. Anyway, have a happy blue Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday!


  1. analou said...
    Hello Baje. My husband also was fascinated with the clouds. I remember when he picked me up at work and he told me to look up the clouds and it was indeed beautiful. You started to be a photographer Baje. A little bit of practice you will become like a pro. Ingat diha and have a nice day!
    shydub said...
    Aguy BM and MYM combine mn sd d i diri hehehe. nice shot tsang. Akoa ako katag sa milestones ug worths road
    kittykat said...
    cool photos Cai..love it..Happy New Year to you dear..
    Dhemz said...
    wow! nice man kaau ang imong pics sa clouds madam sis....clear na clear man kaau ang sky diay diha...dire kay a lil bit gloomy....thanks for sharing....:)

    thanks tuod sa dalaw at comments ha...sensya na jud kay hinay na kaau akong blog hopping these days...super busy kaau akong life dire woi...until now wala pa jud ko kahuman ug impake...need to get peso money pa jud...hay buhay....hehehe!

    hala sige kay mag blog hop sako...au-au!

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