January 23, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

After how many days of raining here in Southern California, at last the sun shines for long and no rain no more (sunshine after the rains)! Thanks God. The rain started Saturday---the 16th of this month and it ended yesterday. What a series days of rains huh! Yep, we SoCal actually was hit with rainstorm and the areas (that was wrecked by fire last summer) and its surroundings were having flood and muddy. Some owner of the houses affected were sad that they don't got a home insurance even from affordable ones. Now, people are inquiring some insurance quotes so by circumstances like this, they won't be that so affected. By the way, here in my place, East Alhambra, were not that much affected (thanks God) but we were not spared by the wind, cold, and as I said unending days of rain. And these are the sky's images today from here in our place.

view from the 2nd floor center of the apartment complex

view from left side center of the 2nd floor apartment complex

view from the right side center of the 2nd floor apartment complex

Happy weekend folks! Have a good one... the sun is smiling on us and the clouds are having their journey dancing in the sky... :-)


  1. analou said...
    That's a very nice photos you've got there Beck. Bitaw, Thanks God that the rain finally stops but it is still cold. How are you dear friend?
    Cacai M. said...
    Hello best bud, am good.. thanks.. Yep, finally the rain stopped. And yep it's still cold. Tc in there.. muahhh!

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