December 08, 2010

Here in USA. Here beside my husband's arms. Hehehe! Okay, here in our home, apartment rented home. So glad my travel yesterday was safe. By the way, I am currently using my husband's PC checking and a little write-up at the same time trying to figure out how to continue reformatting it using my drivers. Angelie did great of reformatting this but just have to adapt my place here especially the Internet network, have to connect it. Some drivers are lacking so I have to put it back on. For now, I do not have the guts of doing those things maybe tomorrow or the next day(s). With that, I expect no glory too. Ha! I still have to uploads tons of pics so the extended family back in the Philippines can see it, that is what they are after as of this moment so I may put it in Facebook first then go on with my other backlogs.For the meantime, I will be checking-in my emails and if I have task to do. I will be busy! Busy as a bee! Buzzzzzz.

(This post wasn't published as only half was done. This wasn't published unto its original date wrote but the original date remains it is. Just so if you  are wondering or maybe surprise if you subscribe on my RSS feeds or through email subscription.)


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