May 28, 2011

We need some jokes to crack-up our moments. A moment that we are sad or even we are angry. :-) Most of the time, it's the joke that make us smile and leave the worries behind. Ooh smile, did I say smile? :-) Can I see you smiling now? What about if we like to hit somebody but we can't? Isn't it fine to wear some funny t-shirts to make such person feel the way we feel or the way we want him/her to feel? Why not, coconut! *wink* Alright, writing is my outlet sometimes (if not most of the time). I can imagine what a person feel if it's just right on your shirt what you want/like to tell him/her, huh! What do you think, is it cool? Because for me it is. It is one way to piss off a person or to express oneself as long as it don't harass (or something like that) somebody. :-) Have a fun, fun memorial weekend folks!


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