December 11, 2010

Gosh I cannot imagine being ballooned. I just gained five pounds. Okay, I was 108 before. Then came 115 and I put that in mind to have that maintain. But I was wrong, I now gained five pounds for two weeks during my vacation in Philippines. I know I will going to have this weight. I can eat whatever I want and no time for exercise. I sleep a lot as being tired of going in and out the house. Ooh well, what should a vacation be? Blame it to slow metabolism! :) Blame it to vacation! Oops and also blame it of stopping my BC pills! Ooh no, I could not be heavier. No more blaming, just doing. :-) I cannot imagine of the smile of Lipofuze fat burner towards my body weight. I have to get back the 115 pounds weight, I know. I have to. This is my new goal for my bod. Hopefully I could get it soon, very soon.

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  1. analou said...
    115 lbs na day ka baje. AKo 111 na pod. Hubby told me to watch out what I am eating. Sabi niya if I wegh 120 pounds he will restrict me of eating fatty and oil foods, chips, ug uban pa...

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