May 29, 2012

There are different time or schedule a person can do his/her shower. It could be early morning, morning, noon, afternoon, evening or before midnight. There are also different ways how to dry our hair but I just split it in two ways which is by electric hair dryer or the air-dry (the old-school type which hair dry is not yet present). Whatever one is using as long as he/she is comfortable and would not harm her body or healthy then, nothing is a problem!

Okay, yours truly is still air-drying my hair. Cacai M. (yours truly) knows she had her shower in the eleventh hour (about an hour before midnight) and it is not fine for the housemates and the neighbors to be hassled by using her electric-dryer. And besides, falling-hair is the result especially if it is a crash drying, like drying it in just five minutes thinking that she has a long hair. I know, that is why I am now here doing my post while air-drying. It was not my typical shower time, in fact, this is my first. But I had to do it because I need to. We will have to depart before five o'clock in the morning and we have only one bathroom so this is the result. :-)

Anyway, good luck to my hair-drying thing. It is not all dried so I have to park now. Until then. Thanks you! Smile. :-)


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