July 12, 2011

You know we just moved-in. I and my DH are now living in our new apartment-rented abode. I always told you how better is this than the old one we reside. But there is a flaw. The kitchen sink got rusty when we just came in but then it did not bother that much to us speaking of the general conclusion. But if I/we would be given a chance to remodel it (the remodel fee should be deducted to our rent or the landlord will do it for the tenant), I would have to suggest a new kitchen sinks. I can see it is not that expensive, it could actually cost under a hundred bucks or a little about 60 bucks for one. We have two kitchen sink and yes, both of such goes rusty eventually. The other one is already free (for now) of rust for now but the other one beside has still some. Comet did not get it and I don't know when will it be gone. I already did the scrub and such but to no avail. Though there's only little left but am still hoping it will gone. I don't like looking at it even if it's not that so big. My kitchen journey is better without it and yes, better with new stainless steel 16 gauge kitchen sinks!


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