July 12, 2011

When you move-in to a different home, apartment, condominium, townhouse or place, it is great to update your address in a timely manner. I just want you to know that even if you notify or request the postal office (am referring here in United States Postal Service/USPS) about your current address, the standard mails and catalogs sent unto you won't be forwarded. Only the First Class, Priority and Express mails; packages; and newspapers and magazines will be forwarded to the new address but of course it has limited time or expiration dates. Am talking here if the address the sender put is the old address, the postman will be the one to forward to your new address instead of being in "return to sender". Currently, the mail forwarding (from USPS notification), mail forwarding may be available for up to 12 months and covers only certain classes of mail (to which I mentioned above). So it  is best to update address to everyone who sends you (the mover) mail once you have already a mail key to the new place you are going to move-in.

How to update? You can do it by person or by online. By person you can directly go to your post office. And by online, just go to usps(dot)com and (1) search or type-in "change address" in the the space provided or search bar then you will find an answer, click the " Change your address " option and then follow the directions. Or (choice #2), once you're in the website of USPS, you can simply simply click the " Receiving Mail " drop-down menu under " Products & Services " located on the right middle part of USPS homepage next to "Track & Confirm" search bar, then follow directions to fill-up. That's it! It's just easy, isn't it? :-)

Other way to change your address by the way is to call. So it's either, (1) by person, (2) online, or (3) call . For me, I did the three. Don't forget to list the of everyone, the companies/establishments or important people, or like to whom and which you will have to inform on your new address so it's easy to track which or whom of them wasn't yet able to notify. Have a great day! Have a happy new place! Ah, moving journey.. :-)


  1. analou said...
    It was nice to know that your new place is nice and safe. PR 3 naman diay ni imong blog Baje, congrats.
    Cacai M. said...
    Thanks baje.. :-) Mao bah, pr3 diay ni? Krn pa ko kabalo.. if so, akoa sa^ i-check ky basin og nasayop ra ka baje.. thanks for dropping-by.. muahhh!

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