May 17, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

It's game 7 today for Boston Celtics versus Orlando Magic playoff. Actually am watching the basketball game for now live at tv {(~_~)} at Celtics home court. This will be the judging game for them of whoever wins. It's on the 4th quarter now with the time of 2:30 (two minutes and thirty seconds) time left for the game to end. Which is which folks? The score as of now is 99-78 in favor of Orlando Magic team. What do you think will win for this playoff between them folks? Well, it's still possible for Celtics to win (I guess) because we cannot predict even if the score is 17 lead by the other team. Hemmm... let's see..
Anyway, last May 12 - it's their match-up for game 5 and the Celtics got it at their home court. I wonder now that they don't got it, so far they're good at their home court. Remember, Celtics was the 2008 NBA Champion between Lakers? Yes, they are. I guess they will not get it now. Anyway their game 5 score was 92-80 in favor of Celtics. It's 12 score lead.
May 14 - at Orlando Magic home court. The score went to 75-83 in favor of Orlando Magic of 8 score lead. That was game 6. The overall playoff score for them is 3 games loss and 3 games won both team so on game 7 is the final game for them to be judged.

Okey, the playoff game for the match-up is over for them now, they didn't finish the minutes but it's already clear that Orlando Magic will win so it's over. The final score is 101-82 in favor of Orlando Magic, 19 points lead score for game 7 - the final game for the two team. Woohoo! Kudos to Orlando Magic and better luck next year for Boston Celtics!

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  1. Mira said...
    I was crashed that my team Boston Celtics is now out of the game. Better luck next year when the power of 3 is complete ;-).

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