May 30, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

The weather for today and for the last consecutive two days are quiet cold, well, it's still spring season but it feels weird to me knowing that it's about summer already.

EC last two weeks ago also had been weird to me for the past consecutive two days for that time frame. Why? It was because I was about 240 drops that time but it went back to zero, yet I still dropped beginning from 1 because I don't want to have a mess with my dropping record since I knew about EC thingy. Way back then about it, I didn't recorded my EC balance before that time though.. I didn't react though my fingers sore to drop EC again, hahahah! But yesterday I checked my EC drops record towards the blogs I love to visit, holah! I had missed some drops a day! yet, I did dropped at it! For the record I always see my drops everyday and make it to always 300 even if haven't post any. I make it sure that I blog walked everyday! errrr... weird! Am planning to submit a ticket but I don't know if I'll pursue because that's just a little thing, EC administrators informed about it that they had a bug, am glad it goes good well already now.. I hope there's no issues about it again.

Google Friend Connect too seems weird to me last days. Am glad Tita VhingF informed me about it and some bloggers friends post update me about it. Temporarily I remove it after Tita Vhing told me. At first I followed some advise that it will just be placed at the page footer or at the top and everything will be fine with the Internet Explorer browser. Am talking here about my blog that can't be viewed in IE and bloggers found out it's because of such widget that most bloggers placed on their blogs. So, what I did is I just remove it temporarily. Anyway, it's just easy to put it back and am quiet sure that it's still in-tacked with all the data.

Another weird one that I experience at the present, about two weeks already and until now that I can't normally open my yahoo messenger. I wonder what happened. I lost contact with some of my dear friends and family already. grrrr!

Huh! so far, these are the weirdness I remember that I encounter. I still have other but I forgot, thinking about it. heheh.. Pretty weird, eh?

Hemmmm... how about you, did you encounter some weird happenings back days and present then like me?


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