April 29, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Are you ready folks? Summer is coming! ... and Yep! At Sea World Orlando they have a coming roller coaster ride called Manta - the only flying coaster of it's kind in the world will be opened on May 22, 2009! Yay! I can't wait to ride in it, I wanna know how's the feeling of like a bird flying. And not only that aside from having a ride Yoohoo! It would definitely be very fun folks. Can you imagine a very huge ray and you're at it's back flying with the air punching (with your loved one and close) or other 32 fun peepz? That would be an awesome one I can foresee! I can't really wait, am so excited. I hope hubby will take me there even only once especially this opening. Yeah hubby is kind and been a very nice one so, hopefully without any circumstances can come in there. How about you would you like to? Fun people come one and have fun at Sea World Orlando, okey? Let's not let the problems hid the enjoyment of planning ahead now because you might miss the amazing opening of it that would be so much of enjoyment.
Anyway, if you like of participating contests they have it and it's on-going now. All you have to do is participate and win. To participate you may have to click the "Participate and Win" section and follow all the rules in there and done! If you're qualified and a lucky one, you will win! You can then go in there with some of the benefits and some. Go ahead and browse now. I know lots of you eager to come in there ride with their in-coming Manta, watch the very huge floor to ceiling aquarium with the live big sting rays, rare fishes and beautiful ones as well as the well-known kind and schools, Pacific Octopus, and more of it's kind! You'll then see beautiful and lovely water creatures that you'd wish to. Come on ... join the fun! hop-in there! Don't forget the 6 steps so you can get your own "Front-of-the-line" pass to Manta at SeaWorld Orlando... Remember just only 6 and you're then done - as easy as one-two-three ... and go!


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  1. Meryl (proud pinay) said...
    hi cai, hope u'll enjoy your summer at orlando. can't wait to see your pics..para parang nakarating na din ako doon through pics... ^_^

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