April 19, 2009

posted by: Cacai M

THE FOLLOWING ARE MY BLOG ROLL or My Friends site links which I visit most of the time ( NOTE: If you did not see your blogs in here (to those who have multiple blogs which I put here before), please check out My BFF Links because I put your multiple blogs in there, okay? Thanks... ) : 

CSJ BlogRoll 1
(domain blogs): 

A Closet for Limitless Adventure
All About My Life
A new beginning
A Simple Life
Basic Bloganomics

My Rendezvous 
 Cheeky Munchkins
Chelle's Diary
Come Dine In
The Programmer's Weblog
Fragments of Thoughts...
Happy Home Working

I a m... but GAGAY
In My Kitchen
Jackie's Everyday Life
Jenn*My Sweet Haven
Join My Stroll
Joys in Life
kurdapya meets world
Mary Anne's Musings
mama's sanity
Memory Lane
More Than Just a SAHM
My Daily Business
My Life in Holland
My Life's Collection
My Little Home
Pensive Thoughts
Personal blogs on Blogcatalog
Precious Words
Pro Blogger Tips
Rare Ordinary Thoughts
Sissy's Pastime
Teacher techie says
Te Cecile*
Te Cecile**
Te Cecile***
Te Mira*
Te Mira**
Te Mira***
The Past Time Shelf
Tsang Shydub*
Tsang Shydub**
Up Close!
Workplace On The Web

CSJ BlogRoll II (blogspot blogs):

My blogs:
Cacai's Steps and Journey
Foods 'N Bites
Cacai M.'s Place

And if you wish to be my blogger friend or to be put here in my BlogRoll or Bloglist (or maybe I missed putting your link here), just let me know...


  1. yen said...
    hi cai, actually my site is here so no need for me. just want to ask saun paghimo sa imo name as signature? thanks daan
    ROSILIE said...
    Galing mo naman cai! Well appreciated talaga efforts mo! mwa!
    Madz said...
    hello dear, wow my 3 blogs are here but not my baby blog... add you me ha pls huhuuhuhu... check ko dn mga blogs ko to make sure na nadd nga dn kita..:)

    About adsense, I don't think its the country sis, kc ung una kong payout last year was when I was still in Angola (very remote na un) hehhehehe... hndi ko nga dn alam na mdaming plang nagkiclick sa mga ads ko until I check my eanings, nagugulat nlng ako na umabot na sa ganun kalaki, na adsense had sent out the payment...

    I never thought nga dn I would be earning this much sa google, inspite of other bloggers' stories noh, na months lang binablock na cla ng google... uuummmmmm donnu tlga..

    Check ko mga ads mo now ha...
    Make money online | How to make money online from home said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    Allen's Darling said...
    Hi, cacai i can't see my blogs here... i supposed i added ur blog long time ago. Just let me know if u add already.
    ImageLuv Funny Blog said...
    Hi Cai,

    Do you want to have a look at my funny blog?

    If you find it interesting, please add to your blogroll too.


    Life Moto said...
    I add you sa link moto.
    caloy said...
    hi cacai! thanks for keeping my blogs links here.. check out my linky-love post as a thank you for your kindness :-)
    reyapot said...
    hi sis.. visiting u here.. thanks for keeping my link here :-)
    Tina said...
    hi cai, added this blog in blog roll sa House of Maria.. will be added din sa ubang blogs pag naka open ko.. :)
    Cacai M. said...
    Hi Tina, sure I'll add you now. Let me know if you already added others so I can add too.. muahhh!
    Nonoy said...
    Hi Cacai. Thank you for your comment on my post about Kinilaw. hehe.:-) Malasugi too is really the best! By the way, can I request a link exchange? I'm going to link you first. Then i'll get back toyou if your link is laready up. Thanks cai and cheers! :-)
    Nonoy said...
    Hi Cacai. I've already added you on my blogroll: http://cebuanddavao.com/blogroll/

    Cheers! Have a lovely day.:-)
    Cacai M. said...
    Hi Nonoy, sure! I'ill be adding you up now. And yeah, I love, love, love kinilaw! That's yummy!
    thesahmydotcom said...
    hi, i'm in the process of adding links on my blogroll, thought of adding you and if you have time visit my site and hope u can add it on your list. thanks and have a nice day!
    Cacai M. said...
    Hi thesahmydotcom, it's better we can ex-link to my mommy blog. Will visit you in a while, muahhhh!
    Sam said...
    Hi! I am interested in exchanging link with you. Thanks in advance :-)
    Cacai M. said...
    Sure Sam, just let me know if you already added me in your " There's No Place Like That Far " so I can add you here. Have a great day!
    reyapot/caloy said...
    hi sis.. visiting u again. im cleaning my blog roll kaya im going around checking if my links are still up sa mga kaibigan nating bloggers..

    thanks for keeping my links here..
    i will add your other blogs to my blog roll, i hope you can add my links there too before you give birth :D congrats nga pala and good luck! :)

    reyapot said...
    God bless you and your child sis! :-)

    Cacai M. said...
    Inuna na kita before I will going to go on my backlogs Reya. Yes, na-add na kita sa other 2 blogs ko. Thanks din and salamat sa prayer. :-)

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