August 06, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Hi folks, how are you today? how's the weather at your place? In mine, it is okay and it's not hot as like yesterday--it's of 80+ degrees Fahrenheit. So I like it! My bod is in neutral condition as of now plus the wind cooperates (much air I got of where am I now).. thanks God. By the way, I would like to introduce my second blog named " THOUGHTS, IDEAS, and RESOURCES ". You can also see in the link bar below the header of this site to be redirected to its own site aside from clicking the highlighted title here. A little introduction of it is that it is a personal random thoughts of thoughts, ideas I have in mind, and the resources or where will I get some source of it. More of like solution of the scenario. So then, it is a blog composed of anything, everything, and all the things comes up. See yah there.. hugs!


  1. katherine said...
    oi may bag-o na sad ka cai..sige mamaya adto ko didto inig human ug blog hop ug pamindot heheeh.. daghan nako utang sa inyo kay absent man ko haha.
    Dorothy L said...
    Hey is beautiful here and yes it is most enjoyable.

    How have anew blog...I am on my way there now :)

    Friends are like shoes, they come in different sizes & shapes....those that fit just right can make all the difference in your life :)
    Dana Telecom said...
    Congrats for new blog. :)
    shydub said...
    Diha jud ko gikan cai, ni kimbot kadali, nya kalibangon mn ko pagkimbot mao niuli sko sa akong CR hehehehehe. Well, like we always say goodluck to our new blog.
    Cecile said...
    Congrats with your new blog Cai :-); i will be going there now :-)
    kittykat said...
    Ika pila naman ni dear??ikatulo na right??cge update naku akong blog list unya/..add ko itong bago mong kubo..pindot sa ko before ku mohawa ha..ingat
    Anne said...
    My dearest lola, naa na sad u new blog ako na sya i add lola ha?
    Musta naman ang grandmama nako oi... murag pareha man ta ka busy lola..

    heeheheh...but am here! kisses...Congrats lola for your new and nice blog.

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