July 11, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Are you annoyed and scared at the same time when you're traveling thinking of the wind might blow-up your vacation? Or perhaps just as day to day traveling to your work place? You might want to check for a wind deflectors for your car which will be attached at the upper part of the window so you will not be frightened anymore that one day the wind will messed-up your driving and will cause you accident. Remember that prevention is better than cure! If ever you are thinking about safety, then you might try to check out for it. Hubby will surely need this since he doesn't have one. So, then have a safe driving folks!


  1. Beng said...
    hi cai...nawala message box mo? me utang pa pala ako tag..will do it later ha..mwah!! c",)
    carlota said...
    I need that in my car :-)

    Cai- thanks as always ha; really appreciate a lot. Hugs!
    Hi! I'm Grace said...
    Thanks for sharing this to us, Cacai.
    Have a blessed Sunday. :)
    Cacai M. said...
    Hello Te Beng, my cbox is still there below the right side corner as it is before.. anyway, thanks Te Beng.. muahhh!

    To Te Carlota, you're welcome as always Te Carl.. and be safe always there as you're enjoying your family summer vacation..

    To Grace, sure you're welcome! And you too have a blessed Sunday! kisses!
    Imelda said...
    thats a cool gadget for a car, gives a new look, too.

    btw about ur comment on my post sis to reveal who the blogger is who commited plagiarism, i reported her already to PPP and i declared ownership and originality of that post. i will not waste time naming her or him sis because she or he doesnt deserve attention by many bloggers. i wrote in his comment portion sis, he or she will be pissed because till he apologizes il not stop bugging him or her through my comments.

    i am just irked that i was flagged for a doing that is not my fault. i hope u understand me sis. sori for the ranting here hehehe.
    Analou and Bones said...
    Hello Beck. I am sure everybody that has a car needs this one. How are you my friend. My beauty is really busy this past days. I tried to just drop some ec but my time is limited, so I am thinking in doing this from monday until friday to have time with hubby.

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