March 21, 2010

A year plus ago I had a tour in Hollywood actresses homes in Los Angeles riding in a tour bus just slowly so we can see the houses in its full body and some parts. Others we stopped by but mostly the tour bus (I was in) just slowed down and I saw different big houses owned by Hollywood actors and actresses. I also saw some of their cars and theirs that one show (which I forgot the name) that I saw the house they shoot with its signature sign. I also saw Ferrari cars of one famous signature clothes owner and holah, a lot of covered different colors of Ferrari! Surely, the owner cars maintenance boy need Ferrari parts of it, you think so? I believe signature quality cars, need quality parts but do you think the owner need its Ferrari maintenance every now and then? As to my own opinion, I guess so... Well, they are rich to give in for that car so I think they really does have maintenance even if it is Ferrari and they can afford for it so I think they will. Hemmm.. I haven't tried tried hopping-in on a Ferrari car yet, I hope I can.. :-) I don't know how it feels sitting in a luxury Ferrari car... :-)


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