January 04, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

Ever since my husband love to have a motorbike (like most men does), he even owned one long ago. And guess what he wants to own once again after he retire from his job. And I'm pretty much excited about it. Perhaps if God permit we could have it when we live in the Philippines one day (hopefully). God is good, and we are positive about it. Well, everybody should be positive or else there's no sense of living (lol).. kidding aside.. I know.. I know.. :-) He planned to have no fancy one that just accommodate what we like and could go here and there for some errands and such. We want to live in a simple neighborhood as well since we can't afford to live in fancy ones (lol).. kidding aside but that's true.. :-) Since we like to have motorbike, we just hope that bikes' accessories and stuffs are just right in the neighborhood so it is accessible anytime we like to have it or if there's some occurrence. We are thinking that would it has like motorcycle accessories shop here in USA that you can compare prices of different brand in just one store. Actually, there are many signature motorcycle accessories stores in here, like Kuryakyn and many others, name it and you can have it! We just hope that everything will be fine or else it could be one of the daunting task if aint have one. Well, that's why there's what we call planning, right? :-) I know that Philippines could not be America since it is unique in its own way. So, we'll just see or plan B is going to take place when talking about motorbike stuff. Anyway, God is good and HE knows that my husband is working hard and I just pray that he could harvest the fruit of labor he exerted and got what he likes to have. Ooh well, I am looking forward of the motorbiking journey.. :-)


  1. lila said...
    nice posting..
    lila said...
    nice posting..

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