July 22, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

I know that Italian exotic sportscars like Ferrari needs only Ferrari parts and it should be original because if not, then you will just be sorry because it will look for the best quality one which fits its needs. And besides why getting a luxury car when can't provide the expensive maintenance as well as tools and accessories of it? hemmm.. I know you're not like that, so, you know... I know because I have a friend who owns one. So, just be aware that luxury cars needs also luxury parts. (~_~) Still I want it.. heheh.. ohh noh.. it's just a want and even it's at the very last want for me because am not used with so much luxury.. hehehh.. I mean am not used with it.. (~_~).. Am just making excuses because I know I can't afford ... well, if somebody give to me without any bad intention, why not right? Or perhaps can win a lotto.. heheh.. okey folks, happy shopping and strolling with your ferrari car! muahhh!


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