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September 18, 2010

Body acne, do you have it? Pimples anywhere, are you proud of it? Generally, no one ever proud if they have an acne, pimple, zits or alike. Breakouts everywhere are no good at all. Washing that acne off? I just wish that someone got it through a normal washing. But I guess body wash for acne would be great for it. I do not have breakouts but I experienced that big pimple on my chin and it is really horrible. It made me think and ran out of people. I mean, not literally ran but I find ways of never having face to face as I was embarrassed about it. Well, just cannot do something about it but of course "doing" is big different as to "letting" it happens. If I ever have remedial for it and could disappear as any time I want with my budget, I just did it. Thanks to my DH for reminding me not to touched such as it swelled more. And also he gave me some ointment, even called me when he was in his office that it was time for such. Anyway, to those who have it just continue what your priority first then never cease getting rid of it. I wish you all the best in such journey. May you have acne-free then. ~hugs~

April 15, 2010

A first cousin of mine is still struggling to get the best acne treatment of her adult acne problem until now. I can tell she is about hopeless of getting one because she said the acne won't get rid of her that no matter what, it won't disappear. Hemmm.. I was in hurt for her because it really is a big problem of her physical appearance and to think she is a single woman. Though there are a lot said that outside beauty is not as important as inner one but that quotation doesn't applies here because there is really a medication. I would only give it a thought if it cannot be cured but if it is curable , then there is no reason to not and to be so worried. I still have to encourage her and lift her self-esteem up. I will also help her to find some solutions and get the best one to which we think it is close to a hundred percent it will produce good effect. I am so hoping that for her and that she will still believe that one day it will disappear.

March 18, 2010

Yeah, so how is your acne my dearie? How's it going now? Have you already have the best acne treatment with it? I hope you will get away with that already so you won't worry no more. I am with you. I know it is not that easy when you have such and am always here for you, always praying and hoping that it will already be gone forever. Oops it's not you okay, it's the acne! :-) Yeah, this is always some of my words whenever I talk to my cousin because this is bugging her much. I pity for her and always been on her side to comfort her whenever that strikes. :-( She's still on her quest the best possible remedy of this. She still have her work though she finds hard or somewhat like shy to mingle her colleague because of her problem. It is not that so big but it affects especially if the environment is somewhat like strange (she has only the one who has an acne on her face). It is not contagious but it pays to have a flawless face, I really hope she can already choose what she will have to use to cure her skin problem which is the acne. I hope it will be soon.

March 04, 2010

Having an acne is a horrible moment for a woman or even for a man. I can imagine how an individual suffers such a bumpy stuff on her/his body part especially if it is on face. It lowers one's self-esteem and such a hassle whenever one is on socializing or even in a work. We all know that our face should be clean and crystal clear because it is the one facing first to who we are having a conversation with. Somewhat like a struggle if we have it, seems like a hindrance to one's personality and I could not agree more. With that, a person who has it has to overcome the fact through getting the best acne treatments if it was not cured for the first time or for one or two treatments. Yep, treating an acne is no joke. I know it is a great struggle but it is worth it if one can see the result of working hard to get the desired clean and clear face or skin. Just take it easy and got to follow your heart's desire. Good luck then.. I wish you all the best!

February 05, 2010

This is similar to the famous word of scholars that exactly define Helen of Troy (or goddess name as Aphrodite) that estates "The face that lunch a thousand ships". I am not really particular on how it was happened, the story that Helen caused to which I know (from my friend Wiki) is that "her abduction by Paris brought about by Trojan War". And what about, the face that lunch a thousand steps? This is the story on a folk that has an adult acne that made him/her lunch a thousand of steps to find out what is the cure of it. I have really a dear elementary best-friend of mine{she's one of the class top 5, including me :-) } and her mother had this and I was happy of knowing that it is now vanished (both of them). I could tell you how much they suffered such skin problem on her face aside from my best friend weight(underweight) struggle. I am about to ask what solutions they used on it but my shyness prevailed. Perhaps next time when we will meet. Hm mm..

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