February 05, 2010

This is similar to the famous word of scholars that exactly define Helen of Troy (or goddess name as Aphrodite) that estates "The face that lunch a thousand ships". I am not really particular on how it was happened, the story that Helen caused to which I know (from my friend Wiki) is that "her abduction by Paris brought about by Trojan War". And what about, the face that lunch a thousand steps? This is the story on a folk that has an adult acne that made him/her lunch a thousand of steps to find out what is the cure of it. I have really a dear elementary best-friend of mine{she's one of the class top 5, including me :-) } and her mother had this and I was happy of knowing that it is now vanished (both of them). I could tell you how much they suffered such skin problem on her face aside from my best friend weight(underweight) struggle. I am about to ask what solutions they used on it but my shyness prevailed. Perhaps next time when we will meet. Hm mm..


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