April 15, 2010

A first cousin of mine is still struggling to get the best acne treatment of her adult acne problem until now. I can tell she is about hopeless of getting one because she said the acne won't get rid of her that no matter what, it won't disappear. Hemmm.. I was in hurt for her because it really is a big problem of her physical appearance and to think she is a single woman. Though there are a lot said that outside beauty is not as important as inner one but that quotation doesn't applies here because there is really a medication. I would only give it a thought if it cannot be cured but if it is curable , then there is no reason to not and to be so worried. I still have to encourage her and lift her self-esteem up. I will also help her to find some solutions and get the best one to which we think it is close to a hundred percent it will produce good effect. I am so hoping that for her and that she will still believe that one day it will disappear.


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