September 18, 2010

Body acne, do you have it? Pimples anywhere, are you proud of it? Generally, no one ever proud if they have an acne, pimple, zits or alike. Breakouts everywhere are no good at all. Washing that acne off? I just wish that someone got it through a normal washing. But I guess body wash for acne would be great for it. I do not have breakouts but I experienced that big pimple on my chin and it is really horrible. It made me think and ran out of people. I mean, not literally ran but I find ways of never having face to face as I was embarrassed about it. Well, just cannot do something about it but of course "doing" is big different as to "letting" it happens. If I ever have remedial for it and could disappear as any time I want with my budget, I just did it. Thanks to my DH for reminding me not to touched such as it swelled more. And also he gave me some ointment, even called me when he was in his office that it was time for such. Anyway, to those who have it just continue what your priority first then never cease getting rid of it. I wish you all the best in such journey. May you have acne-free then. ~hugs~


  1. nuts said...
    oh yeah? i'll try body wash for acne, it seems like it will really works..
    carinamodella said...
    have a nice and acne-free day to you. i just grab your badge. take care!

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