March 18, 2010

Yeah, so how is your acne my dearie? How's it going now? Have you already have the best acne treatment with it? I hope you will get away with that already so you won't worry no more. I am with you. I know it is not that easy when you have such and am always here for you, always praying and hoping that it will already be gone forever. Oops it's not you okay, it's the acne! :-) Yeah, this is always some of my words whenever I talk to my cousin because this is bugging her much. I pity for her and always been on her side to comfort her whenever that strikes. :-( She's still on her quest the best possible remedy of this. She still have her work though she finds hard or somewhat like shy to mingle her colleague because of her problem. It is not that so big but it affects especially if the environment is somewhat like strange (she has only the one who has an acne on her face). It is not contagious but it pays to have a flawless face, I really hope she can already choose what she will have to use to cure her skin problem which is the acne. I hope it will be soon.


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