December 27, 2011

Another Christmas season I am going to spend here in United States of A. This counts from four years ago. My journey isn't easy, it isn't hard either. I don't have regrets, it's only that if only, God spared the congenital defect of my daughter which nobody (yes, even my doctor!) knows when I was still pregnant. Oops! Not that way, nobody can question God, alright. It's just that I am in the modern place and one of the top country in the world (if not number one), why oh why? I could go on and on but then, it's too late to say it since it's already here. My precious one and only baby had her first open-heart surgery already to which, she will going to have other two to correct fully the defect, of course she can live a normal life just like any other child and can do stuffs like them, isn't that great? I am thankful that she's with us and very active one after such incident she had. She smiles, giggles, coos, babbles and even imitate my smiles. Ooh laughter's and tears bind together makes me complete. I admit, it is no easy one. I am the only one that can give her the milk and medicines. Yes, her daddy can but I am the one, primary one, who's going to prepare for it in time, sometimes, when DH like to help me. No family and friends to support me hands-on. And DH said he cannot afford for a nanny since we're just on an average-income family. And he has to work in order to survive. Imagine that! Okay, so much about it. We just have to focus the lighter note, what better to talk on anyway. Let's just have to focus the bright side that makes the equilibrium higher than the opposite one. I am so much blessed to have my baby love. And that makes me merry this Christmas despite of the other lacks. God is good! How about you, what can you be thankful for as being merry for this Christmas? Being alive is more than enough, so, we must embrace that! Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Lisa said...
    B-lated Merry X-mas Cai.. oo my second is a girl, 5 months na sya ug super kulit na pod.Older ang ako sa imo diay, sorry to heard about your little girl but at least na done na ang 1st surgery and I pray for her fully recovery.

    Again Merry X-mas and advance Happy New Year!

    Salamat sa messages...
    MaxiVelasco said...
    Hello Cacai!

    Happy New Year... soon!

    I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's case. I am sure that she'll be fine as she has a very caring mom and a very loving dad. As you've said, she's active. That only shows that she is on her way to her full recovery. Keep the faith!


    Maxi :)
    reyapot said...
    merry christmas sister! :) and a happy new year!
    Mel Cole said...
    Hi Cai, been long time haven't been here and I'm trying to clean out some links in my blog roll and found you in it today. Merry christmas ninyo dinha. I'm glad to hear that your baby is doing good. Mag God bless my Sister, lol, sister man gyud, what is, kababayan ug bisdak gud ta. let me know if you need help and I can certainly offer what I can do to help. xoxo

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