March 07, 2011

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These are my friends in this blogland who have multiple blogs below.


Chuchie's HideAway
The Three Chies


Te Vern'z
Chalk Dust

Anne S.
Anne's Disorganized Thoughts
A Pinay's Endeavor In America
Asawa's Haven
Bisdak's Footprints
 Gardening Is My Hobby
Jadyn- A Little Bit Of Heaven
My Virtual Diary
Prose Of Relevance
The Two Princesses In The Castle
Your Traveling And Dining Guide 

That's it guys. If you want to be included in my list of BFF, just let me know. Have fun and have a great day! ~hugs&kisses~


  1. Chuchie | Chie Wilks said...
    hello sis..thansk for including me sa imong bff linkies..i updated all my blog lists and added your new link na..thanks
    analou said...
    Baje ako rani e-repost maybe tonight or tomorrow night ba kaha. Thanks au baje. Sa domingo dayko maglupad baje..
    Nonoy said...
    I prefer roasted beef medium rare and beef cooked in Sprite or Coke. Davao food in Salutti also offers beef that has softdrinks as part of the ingredients.

    Thanks for sharing. :-)
    Gina Alfani said...
    Those are beautiful . . . I love them :)
    Anne said...
    Thanks for including me here girl.
    Vernz said...
    thank you cai.. mwahness... agi ko...

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