August 12, 2011

I craved for corned beef, Purefoods. Martin corned beef was introduced unto my taste. I believe it was being made/manufactured just recently by the Purefoods Company. Its taste and appearance (not the packaging but the corned beef appearance itself) is just like its other corned beef, the Chunky Corned Beef. It tastes so good. And from that time I tasted it, I then liked it until this time (most of the time when I always taste it, it is then monotonous). I cannot find it in the nearby store here in the place  DH and I lives but have to drive 15 minutes or so to get it. What I did was just ordered online last Saturday (August 6th) and six days after (counting includes weekends, it must be it was being delivered to UPS Monday if punctually). And then today, just hours lately, it arrives with some other little stuffs. Take note, it's from New York! ;-) I don't care about how far it is because it is worth my pangs. :-)
If you can see (you can click image to enlarge) that includes dried fish which was being mailed together but was put in a separate wrapped bubbled envelope (so the smell won't go out, probably, or because it is delicate). That's it, it costs me $29+. And I don't care if it is pricey or what as long as I got what I craved for. :-) This is only sometimes so I have to indulge! Ha!


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