August 12, 2011

Days ago, we had heavy rains here in Southern California. If you only know Southern California seldom have rains especially during summer. And when it rains, it mostly floods in some certain areas. But then that is another thing. Rain gives people an opportunity to save rainwater through rain chains and some other ways folks does for it but such rain chain is often how the people here does it or at least to the people who appreciate of such idea. Aside from that sophisticated way of saving water, it also beautifies the gardens and manages the birds to drink waters in such stuff intended for them. In that way, everybody is happy, don't you think? 

Water is expensive. So it is great to save from the free flow. It is just easy and less maintenance then it would benefit a lot of living organisms throughout the house by using it afterwards. And you can even give it to the needy should you like, a somewhat Good Samaritan way. Life's journey is inevitable and it is great to give than to receive. Who knows one day you will be the one who needs something not just water but some other essential. Ah, it is really better to save (and give than to receive) especially if it is from free (from rainwater). :-)


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